6 economical ways to maintain and extend POS hardware lifespan

Your POS hardware is the soul of your business, processing transactions constantly day in and day out. Since it could run for up to 10 hours daily, 7 days a week, it is very important upkeep it for optimal performance.

In this blog, we will discuss how to effectively clean and maintain your POS hardware using budget-friendly methods, with QashierCare assisting in various conditions. 

1. Affordable and regular cleaning methods 

Although POS hardware can withstand harsh environments, daily usage will expose the terminal to dust, grease, dirt and drops. Grime can accumulate on the hardware surface, eventually degrading components. These practices will help you reduce costly repairs and hassles from the start. Remember to power off the terminal and disconnect cables before proceeding with cleaning.


Wipe down the screen and keypad with a dry or slightly damp microfiber cloth, perfect for clearing daily dust.


Spray isopropyl alcohol on a microfiber cloth and thoroughly clean frequent contact areas of your POS hardware, such as the keypad, touch screen, card reader, and receipt slot. For hard-to-reach areas, use cotton swabs dipped in a disinfectant solution.

Monthly / every 60 days  

Disconnect all cables. If you have compressed air, use it to blast away debris between ports, vents and buttons. Spray dusty ports and buttons away from the screen.

2. Essential software maintenance

Software maintenance is mandatory for your POS system to upkeep payment transactions smoothly and uninterrupted. 

Enable the automatic updates feature so your POS always has the latest security patches and bug fixes. Check with the provider for updated instructions and install them properly.

3. Proper hardware handling

You could have one large POS terminal at your physical store or a portable one for other purposes. Aside from regular cleaning methods, proper handling is mandatory.

Cable management care

Place and organise the cables neatly to prevent them from entangling or pulling. If you like, get a cable organiser for a neat setup for the workspace. Disconnect all cables regularly when wiping them off from dust or debris.

Spillage prevention

Spills can harm the sensitive components of your POS hardware. Always keep food and drinks away from the terminal area. If possible, have a spill kit nearby for quick response to minimise damage. Alternatively, use a spill mat underneath it for added protection.

Staff training for correct usage
  • Remind staff to wash their hands before handling cash or credit cards to prevent grime buildup. 
  • Use gentle touches on the POS terminal screen and keypad instead of forceful swiping or touching the screen with sticky hands.
  • Notify staff of cleaning procedures and other handling protocols. Leave the POS manual (if available) for staff reference near the terminal.

4. Environmental control

Your POS hardware is like any other electronic device that requires a safe environment to function and run well.


Most electronic devices function best in moderate room temperature (20℃ -24℃), so avoid placing POS hardware terminals near heat or in direct sunlight. Use a fan if operating in hot environments.  Direct sunlight can cause screen glare and potentially damage internal components in the long run. Opt for blinds or curtains to control direct sunlight exposure if possible.


Extreme humidity may lead to corrosion and damage to the POS hardware. Consider using a dehumidifier if required or damp-rig containers for smaller spaces. 


Voltage fluctuations can fry your POS terminal, so a surge protector is a must-have to safeguard your equipment from voltage spikes. For additional safety, use multi-outlet surge protectors.

5. Data backup routine

All payment transactions, inventories and customer information are your crucial business assets that require backing up at all costs.

 3-2-1 rule for data backup

It is fundamental for the industry standard with a foolproof backup strategy. In case of unexpected issues arises:

  • Always keep three copies of data, 
  • Store backups in two different media formats – one on internal storage and the other on removable storage. Alternatively, opt for cloud storage to replace either one with QashierPOS.
  • Keeping one offsite copy can be easily achievable with a cloud backup solutions. Ultimately safe for physical disasters like fire, theft, or flood.
Schedule backup

Develop a regular backup schedule based on your business transaction volume and data sensitivity. Daily backups are ideal for high-volume businesses, while weekly backups are ideal for regular transactions. Turn on the automated backups whenever possible to ensure consistency and avoid human error.

Verify backup testing

To perform test restoration to verify that your data backups work flawlessly. This will give you peace of mind that you can recover the data securely during an emergency.

6. Develop a maintenance check-list

Early detection of minor POS hardware issues pays off. Create a maintenance checklist for your employees and guide them in using it. When staff members perform daily, weekly or monthly checks, tick off the checklist so nothing gets missed. Refer to the POS user manual for additional specific instructions or timeline checkup recommendations.

Protect your POS hardware in tip-top condition

Running a business is demanding, and you deserve fewer worries about managing customers, inventories, and marketing. POS hardware breakdowns are a huge NO-NO. Therefore, QashierCare’s extended warranty (24 months) steps in to be your business safety net with:

Accidental damage coverage

Your POS terminal is protected from unexpected mishaps, such as spills, drops, bumps or cracks. QashierCare covers all repairs or replacement parts so you are worry-free from a hefty repair bill for a malfunctioning keypad or a broken screen.

Comprehensive hardware coverage

Qashier takes care of your POS internal hardware components from daily wear and tear, breakdowns and malfunctions.

Learn more about QashierCare’s extended warranty plans and select the perfect one for your POS hardware needs.

24/7 reliable customer support 

Running a business rarely happens between 9 to 5. That is why you can count on our customer support to answer your questions, troubleshoot any issues, and provide expert advice on using QashierPOS to its full potential.

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