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Reimagining the Possibilities with POS (Point Of Sale) Solutions

As technology adoption became the default advice for small and medium enterprises to remain competitive in the digital economy, Christopher Choo and Frank Zhao knew …

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Qashier Payment Menu | Qashier Running Your Business

The Future of CRM for Nail Salons

For a business to thrive, they need continuous patronage from their loyal customers. In the case of nail salons, their main source of revenue comes …

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Featured Merchant

Artichoke – Running a modern middle-eastern restaurant

Marcus, General Manager of Artichoke (@artichoke_sg) shares with us his favourite dishes and how they are different from typical middle-eastern cuisine. He also talks about …

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pos system for restaurant | Qashier Running Your Business

A Guide to POS System for Restaurants

The foodservice industry is a highly competitive one, and one of the keys to success is customer retention. To have loyal customers come back again …

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Qashier Anniversary | Qashier Qashier

Qashier is 2 Years Old!

In 2019, Qashier was created with a single goal – to give power back to SMEs by providing a simple, cost-effective POS system. This year …

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POS Systems For Retails Singapore| Qashier Running Your Business

Benefits of a POS System for Retail Business

When it comes to managing your newly launched retail business, there are many things that you need to consider. This includes inventory management, employee management, …

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Qashier Payment | Qashier Running Your Business

3 ways a Point-of-Sale system can benefit SMEs

All businesses collect payments in some way. Despite advances in technology, the cash register is still a common sight with a grudging concession seen in …

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Counter Line | Qashier Running Your Business

Is your business ready for Phase 3?

In recent months, Covid-19 cases in Singapore have plateaued with no big outbreaks or clusters. As social restrictions are slowly …

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Qashier Terminal Device | Qashier Product

Smart POS systems vs Traditional POS systems

5 Key Differences Between a Smart POS and a Traditional POS System If you run a F&B or retail business, you’ll most likely use a …

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