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Take online food orders for pickup, delivery and QR code in-store, all with zero commissions.

Improve your guest experience with contactless QR code ordering, and lighten your staff’s workload!

Start selling online in no time

Get your online ordering page up fast. Create your menu (or sync directly from your Qashier POS), link your bank account for payments, and start accepting orders!

0% commissions (yes, zero!)

Keep your entire earnings! It’s your own page after all. There are no commissions or mark-ups for all orders on your QashierEats site.

*Transaction fee for credit card & e-wallets applies

Integrated delivery options

Get reliable delivery through our integrations with major delivery partners such as pandago.

More than just an ordinary website

When you create a QashierEats page, you get more than just an ordinary website – you get tools to help you grow and succeed. Get your store listed on, and provide your customers with a variety of ordering options. Create promotions to incentivise customers, and boost your kitchen efficiency with our seamless integrations with Qashier POS and QashierKDS.

Customised webpage and URL

Get your very own mobile-optimised webpage and unique URL to share with your customers and let them order directly with no commissions or platform fees.

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Get listed on

Once your business is verified, your store will be listed for free on, allowing even more customers to reach and find you!


Use your own staff or leverage on our integrations with major delivery providers such as pandago.


Offer customers free in-person or curbside pickup for orders placed online.

QR-code ordering

Simplify ordering for dine-in and takeaway customers with easy to use QR-codes. QR-codes can be placed on your counters and/or tables. *QashierEats QR is available as an add-on feature to Qashier Smart POS.

Learn more about Qashier QR code ordering >

Order scheduling

Let customers place delivery or pickup orders for a future date and time.

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Credit Card Processing


per transaction



No markups




No setup fee

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