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From a physical store to accepting payments online, QashierPay empowers you with the tools to accept payments anywhere.


This is The Cashless Future. Now.

One solution to accept all types of payments.

Easy for all businesses.

From Retail to Healthcare, QashierPay makes accepting all payments easy. Find Out More

Fair and transparent rates.

No hidden fees. No extra surcharges. Here’s what you get:

E-wallet transaction rates as low as 1.5%.
Visa/Mastercard rates from 0.6%.*

*Custom rates available for annual transactions above RM500,000.

Quick. Seamless.

Fuss-free online application and onboarding process along with online product demo session. *Subject to proper documentation.

More than just payments

Our cloud-based technology allows you to track business growth anytime with a merchant portal.

7-days-a-week local customer support.

Wherever you are, help is a tap away on your QashierPay account.

Made easy, for all businesses.

From Retail to Healthcare, QashierPay makes accepting all payments easy. Find Out More

Fair and transparent rates.

No hidden fees. No extra surcharges. Here’s what you get:

E-wallet transaction rates as low as 1.2%.
Visa/Mastercard rates from 2.65%.*

*Custom rates available for annual transactions above SGD250,000.

Quick. Seamless.

Fuss-free application process ensures that you can get started as soon as possible.

Payments and more.

QashierPay is more than just a payment terminal. It’s a simpler way to track your growth.

  • Review your end-of-day sales, or keep track of your transaction history.
  • Filter history by payment methods to have insight into your customers’ preferred ways to pay.
  • Access your reports straight from your QashierPay terminal, or on QashierHQ portal when you’re on the go.

Local support, 7-days-a-week

Wherever you are, help is a click away. Best-in-class local customer support is here for you 7-days-a-week to keep your business operations moving smoothly.

QashierPay In-store

Quicker transactions. More customers. Get your queues moving with QashierPay.

Accept in-store payments

Debit/ credit cards, e-wallets or other mobile payments, accept them all alongside physical cash.

QashierPay comes integrated with your Qashier POS terminals out of the box and Qashier app.

Download Qashier app for FREE and apply to start accepting payments today!

Accepts All Credit/Debit Cards

All your customers need to do is tap or slot. Contactless, magstripe, or chip, QashierPay accepts all major credit cards.

Accept E-wallet Payments

All businesses, in any industry, can experience unparalleled payment agility as you accept popular e-wallets at low transaction rates.

Flexible Payments

With QashierPay, everyone wins. Customers can pay with their preferred payment methods and your business is ready to accept them all!


QashierPay Online

Selling or accepting payments online? Payment is one click away!

e-Invoice Management

Big ticket items? Issue an e-invoice directly from your Qashier account. Deposit or full-payment, your customers simply pay online via a secure link. Available as an add-on for Qashier Essential plan.

Pay by Link


Choose your preferred mode of communication for your customer to pay with their credit/debit card. It’s a new level of convenience.

Coming soon

The best rates in town

QashierPay In-store Payments

Debit/Credit Card Payments

0.60 ~ 2.75%

E-wallet Payments


QashierPay Online Payments

Debit/Credit Card Payments


Get QashierPay terminal for your store

Lightweight and full function, QashierPay powers all payments needs.

QashierPay GO!


From 0.6%*

Receiving card payments was never this easy.

* Subject to the type of payment cards and transaction volume.



Cashless is the future. Ready your business now.



As Wi-Fi, 4G, and Bluetooth keeps you connected, a  5.5″ touch screen keeps all that important data in view. Print receipts anywhere with a built-in printer, assuring your customers that they are in safe hands.

QashierPay Subscription Promo

RM1/ Day

Accept payments from debit and credit cards, mobile payments and e-wallets. With ease, speed and security, QashierPay gives your customers options.

Enjoy an annual plan of RM 365 only for the month of May 2024. T&C applied .

Receive FREE subscription renewal with an annual transaction volume exceeding RM300,000.



Review your settlements by products, payment type or even employee. Access your important transaction data anywhere, anytime.

Custom Rates

Custom rates are available for businesses that process over RM300,000* card transactions annually. Get in touch with our friendly Qashier sales team for a plan tailored to your business needs.

Local Customer Support

Rest assured with our best-in-class local customer support for smooth business operations 7-days-a-week.

Sign up. Quick. Seamless.

Skip the lengthy application process from banks. QashierPay ensures that you can start receiving payments and funds as soon as possible.

*Subject to proper documentation.

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