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Your business accepts all payments from debit and credit cards, mobile payments and e-wallets, alongside physical cash. With both in-store and online transactions, Qashier readies you for the digital economy.

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The Qashier Soundbox is the quickest way to start accepting e-payments and launch your business into the cashless future. Let Soundbox speak for itself and make every transaction quick and clear! 

Business. Your way.

From remote operations to a multi-chain empire, Qashier solutions are designed for businesses at every stage. Upgrade features anytime. Scale when you grow. Customise a plan to your needs.

Your store. Online.

Your food goes places with your very own QashierEats online ordering platform with zero commission. Partnered with food delivery platforms? Accept and manage GrabFood and foodpanda orders with Food Delivery Integration.

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Be the talk of the town and grow your loyal customer base with festive promotions, discounted bundles, and reward store credit to returning patrons.

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All you need to efficiently accomplish tasks. E-invoices, online payment acceptance, room/table bookings, automated stock checks, daily sales reports, staff commissions and more. Feeling accomplished yet?

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Re-invent your small business. Build a business empire with chain stores. Whichever industry or size, Qashier is designed to grow with you. Best-in-class local customer support will be there every step of the way.

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How the Qashier F&B POS System Eases The Ramadhan Rush

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QR code payments: Revolutionising transactions with a scan

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