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How does Qashier compare to other point-of-sale (POS) systems?

Qashier Smart POS | Qashier POS | Qashier
Qashier Smart POS System Traditional POS Systems
Pricing All-in package from just $4.50/day - Hardware, Software, Setup, Training & Support $5,000 - $12,000 upfront cost + $500/year annual maintenance cost
Hardware All-in-one device - dual screens, receipt printer, barcode scanner & card reader Separate devices and equipment required for barcode scanning, receipt printing etc
Payments Accept all types of payments from the POS terminal itself - credit cards, Apple Pay, QR code payments Unable to accept payments by itself - requires external payment terminal with expensive annual fees ($500-$1,000/year)
Point of Sale Specialised POS software for F&B/Beauty/Retail stores. Cloud-based system enables you to access your data anywhere, from any device Standard POS solution; limited customisation. Difficult to access data outside of the POS terminal
Design Sleek, compact and portable; full day battery life Heavy and bulky; requires power outlet to work
Ease of Use Setup and train employees in just 10 minutes Long setup and training times due to complexity


Hardware, Software, Payments, & Local Support, all by Qashier

Have peace of mind with Qashier POS. Having the hardware, software, payments, and tech support done in-house allows us to ensure that the entire ecosystem works seamlessly with each other, so that we can provide the best experience for you and your customers.

Run your stores remotely with our powerful cloud software

Qashier is a simple yet powerful cloud-based POS system that is designed to be fast to set up and easy to use. Manage your business from anywhere with just a web browser from any of your own devices. It works great for all types of small businesses – cafes, salons, retail stores.

Two displays.Twice the efficiency.

Pay Now | Qashier

One screen for you

The main 7″ touch screen is just large enough to display all the information you need, yet small enough for you to maintain a clean, neat counter.

Barcode | Qashier

One screen for your customers

A smaller screen for the customer shows a summary of their purchase, as well as various payment instructions on screen.

Complete solutions for your business

The Qashier Smart POS comes with customised solutions for F&B, Beauty and Retail stores. Learn more about how Qashier can work for you by selecting the below descriptions that best fit your business.

Singapore SMEs get up to 50% off Qashier POS

If you’re a Singapore SME, you could qualify for up to 50% off Qashier POS. This means you could get an entire POS package that covers hardware, software, setup and support, all for just $4.50/day!

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