Simpler Payments Are Here To Stay!

With Qashier’s Pay by Link, you send a payment link directly to your customers. They pay securely online with their preferred credit card, providing a new level of convenience. You receive payments quicker!

How does it work?

Zero code. Fuss-free. Simple payments.

Selling to customers online is as easy as sending a text, DM, or email. You generate and send a dynamic payment link to them. With just a few clicks you receive payments. It’s just that simple!

Benefits of Pay by Link

Fraud-free & accurate

Streamlined payment process

An offline-to-online experience

Fuss-free experience

Your customers now have options

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Paynow | Qashier

Who is this for?

If you sell your products on live streams or social media, payment links are a quick and efficient way for interested customers to complete a transaction online.

Create unlimited links on QashierHQ for free, and your customers will be able to complete their payment with a credit card through a secure payment gateway. 

You’ll receive payment in full the very next day, with a transparent processing charge up to 15% cheaper than other platforms.

Only pay when you make a sale

For domestic & international cards

3.0% + $0.30

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Paynow | Qashier


Create an account and start receiving payments today

Step 1:

Click on the “create your account” button below to get started

Step 2:

Go to your QashierHQ merchant dashboard, and click on Payment Management.

Step 3 (final step):

Submit the necessary documents and your payment account will be activated in 3 working days.

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Pay by Link: Send dynamic payment links, receive quicker payments!

If you’re a Qashier merchant on the Essential or Growth plan, welcome to the convenience revolution brought to you by Pay by Link. This approach transforms how businesses like yours handle transactions, making payment collections as simple as sending a tailored link to customers.  This feature is handy for merchants…