Pay by Link: Send dynamic payment links, receive quicker payments!

If you’re a Qashier merchant on the Essential or Growth plan, welcome to the convenience revolution brought to you by Pay by Link. This approach transforms how businesses like yours handle transactions, making payment collections as simple as sending a tailored link to customers. 

This feature is handy for merchants keen on streamlining the payment process, including live sellers. By using this system, live sellers can instantly private message customers with a payment link for a product and concurrently track the payment status, resulting in a swift, efficient transaction process that benefits both the seller and the customer.

What is Pay by Link? 

‘Payment by Link’ or ‘Pay by Link’ is a new Qashier feature (currently only available in Singapore) that facilitates transactions between merchants and their customers. This addition allows merchants to create and send customised payment links to customers through email or copying them onto any messaging platform.

Monitoring the status of transactions is made more accessible as well. Merchants can track pending and completed payments via QashierHQ – the back office portal, thus providing an organised and efficient way to manage cash flow.

Customers are offered flexibility in their payment methods, as the system accepts popular credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and Amex. This feature is designed to cater to the diverse payment preferences of customers, thereby making transactions more convenient.

For added security, each payment link is designed to be used once. After payment, the link automatically becomes inactive, preventing potential misuse or repeated transactions. This serves to enhance the security and integrity of each transaction. 

Here’s how it works:

Benefits of Pay by Link

Payment links provide a straightforward solution for receiving payments, adapting seamlessly to your unique business style. Whether your transactions are conducted in person, via social media, or through email and text communication with customers, these dynamic tools serve as an efficient method of facilitating payments. In addition, here are some other benefits that may convince you to try it out: 

  • Maintain simplicity in payments: To utilise a merchant’s payment link, customers need not set up an account or download a specific application. They can effortlessly access your online checkout page from any device for immediate payment.
  • Facilitate payments across various sales platforms: By sending a payment link to clients via text or guiding customers to your online checkout page from diverse social media platforms, payment links give you the flexibility to receive payments in line with your unique business operations.
  • Tailor a transaction: Payment links exist in various formats, enabling you to select those that align best with your sales platforms. Direct payment links are ideal for customer interactions and conversational commerce, whereas ‘buy’ buttons and QR codes are well-suited for online, social, or face-to-face sales.

Conversational commerce represents a specialised branch of eCommerce where real-time, direct communication between brands and customers forms the basis of transactions. This interaction, facilitated through text or voice, is carried out using messaging applications, personalised text messages, push notifications, chatbots, or AI assistants. By enabling quick customer service and resolving queries, brands can provide their clientele with a convenient and efficient experience.

  • Provide customers with diverse payment options: Upon reaching your online checkout page, customers can make payments via credit or debit cards. Eventually, alternative digital payment methods could be incorporated, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, GrabPay, ShopeePay etc.

How to access the Qashier Pay by Link feature

This feature is currently only available in Singapore, with a planned release to other markets later. Equipping the feature is simple, firstly you have to be on the Essential or Growth plan. Hop on to QashierHQ and ensure you’ve opted to receive credit card payments.

  1. Navigate to ‘Transactions’
  2. Go to ‘Payment Link Management
  3. Click ‘Activate’
  4. You’re done! 

Here are some handy Qashier Support guides to get you set up with Pay by Link:

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Qashier promises a seamless setup without any need for technical expertise. It boasts a user-friendly interface that is simple for anyone to learn and use. In addition, you’ll find 7 days-a-week responsive technical support from the local team if you require assistance. 

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