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blog_axe_factor Featured Merchant

Axe Factor | Living life on the edge

“Can meh? Not dangerous meh?” My name is Samuel. I’m the founder and CEO of Axe Factor. We started using the POS system about one and a half …

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0506_blog_digitalmarketing Running Your Business

3 simple SEO practices to get your startup noticed

As a young startup, the business needs to be put in the line of sight of your target customers. While location is everything for a …

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0505_blog_bake Product

Bake it till you make it: Why bakeries need a smart POS system

Like any other business, it’s crucial for bakeries to continuously engage customers with new and exciting items to keep them coming back for more. A …

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0504_GoDigital Product

When F&B goes digital: How Qashier merchants do it

There’s no golden rule to a successful F&B business, but at the heart is the ability to serve the tastiest food and beverage as possible. …

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blog_tourperformancelab_1 Featured Merchant

Tour Performance Lab | Fit Well. Swing Easy.

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0503_TipsForHiring Running Your Business

3 hiring tips every startup should know

When your startup or small enterprise is at the stage of building a team, hiring the first member, and defining your hiring processes are significant …

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0502_PetGrooming Product

Benefits of smart solutions for your pet-grooming business

Pet grooming businesses rely mainly on client appointments. Juggling between records of handwritten client appointments, staff schedules, and accounting ledgers may be more difficult than …

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0501_SustainableFashion Running Your Business

3 ways to market a sustainable fashion business

“Sustainable fashion” has become the buzzword phrase of 2022, driven partially by Gen-Z on social media, as well as a general greater awareness of environmentally-friendly …

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blog_customer_experience Product

Welcome to Qashier Experience Centre

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