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1001_quarterfour Running Your Business

4 things businesses should do in Quarter 4

It’s October, the fourth quarter (Q4) is upon us, and for B2C industries it’s about the time to prepare for the year-end crowds. Time to …

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0905_CSR_employee Running Your Business

5 types of CSR programmes that benefit employees

One of the top concerns that Human Resources directors face is how to keep employees in the workplace actively engaged. For example, a survey in …

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QashierSG-productdisplay Product

Qashier New Features – Food delivery | Split bills | Manage discounts

As a F&B business, getting the right tools to grow is essential. The right tools and solutions allow businesses to reach their target customers, and …

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0902_CSR_1 Running Your Business

Is CSR for your company? Here’s 3 reasons why it is.

Is CSR for your company? The answer is probably yes, but you might not know it. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the philosophy of a …

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0901_blog_shortvideos Running Your Business

Trending: How short-form video changed social media

Eight seconds is the amount of time an average viewer spends on a video before scrolling past it, a study done by Microsoft Canada discovered. …

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0903_CSR_2 Running Your Business

How small businesses should implement CSR

Small businesses are one of the most important stakeholders in our communities. Their familiar presence and strong roots in a neighbourhood mean that any Corporate …

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blog_0808_influencer Running Your Business

Influencer marketing: Why your business needs it

Wireless headphones, a massage gun, or the latest hype sneakers. Think about what swayed you to make your latest purchase. You might have been targeted …

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0807_blog_referprogram Running Your Business

3 referral programs for small businesses to run

You may have the best product around, but if nobody hears about it, you won’t be able to grow at a sustainable rate. As a …

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0806_Blog_BusinessMessenger Running Your Business

Business messaging to reach customers: You need it!

Ask yourself: how many vital messages or calls did you convey over a regular phone call today? Think how many more people your business could …

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