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0805_Blog_ReferralProgram Running Your Business

Benefits of referral programmes for your business

A referral programme is essentially a type of word-of-mouth advertising where your current customers refer others to your business. As long as you value and …

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0804_Blog_LifetimeSub Running Your Business

Lifetime subscriptions: How your business benefits

Whenever your business signs up for an online service, lifetime subscriptions for your company might be the last option you would want to try. After …

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0803_blog Product

Why F&B businesses need to get online: How Qashier can help

Online food delivery services are heating up; the stats show that the billion-dollar industry is projected to reach US$207.50bn in 2022. Your food and beverage …

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0802_blog Qashier

Singapore, Qashier is stronger together with you

As a homegrown, made-in-Singapore FinTech startup, Qashier understands the sacrifice and tireless effort it takes to have a seed of an idea, and then to …

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0801_blog Running Your Business

5 key drivers of strong POS growth until 2027

This may be a bold statement, but cash has almost become obsolete. Almost. So it’s about time businesses equip themselves for the inevitable prevalent digital …

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blog_nightlife Running Your Business

Why the nightlife industry need smart POS solutions

If you, or if you know someone who operates a business in the nightlife industry, then you’re aware some nights are wilder than others. Patrons …

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BaanKanom_Blog Featured Merchant

BaanKanom | Thai dessert cafe by chef Lukkate, MasterChef Thailand SS3

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blog_BNPL Running Your Business

Gen-Zs, Millennials and the rise of BNPL services

The Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) trend is steadily growing in popularity, specifically in Southeast Asia. By the end of 2021, the market forecast is …

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Ayaeryna_Blog Featured Merchant

Ayraeryna | Timeless style

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