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0402_blog_How_room_management Product

How a room management system grows your business

As a spa or beauty salon owner, all you want for your customers is for them to walk out looking and feeling their best. Complicated …

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0401_blog_5_QR_Codes Product

5 ways QR codes elevate your business

It’s always an awkward situation when you, as the business owner, have to remind customers how to pay for your products or services. Even more …

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blog_beauty_demo Product

Introducing Qashier POS for beauty

Is your business in beauty and wellness? Here’s how Qashier can help reinvent your business. With the Qashier Point Of Sale system, you can save time, work smart and focus …

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blog_retail_store Product

How to digitalise your retail business

What is “digitalisation”? Digitalisation refers to the use of digital technologies to change a business model, and provide new revenue and value. This goes beyond …

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blog_coneno9 Featured Merchant

Cone No. 9 (Thailand) | Pottery painting over a cuppa

Ceramic lovers in Thailand must not miss out on Cone No.9, a cafe in Ekkamai Soi 15 where you can have a cup of coffee while …

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blog_cafe Product

How to digitalise your F&B business

“Digitalisation” is the buzzword of the era. According to Gartner, digitalisation refers to the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide …

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blog_digital_payments Running Your Business

How digital payments are changing Southeast Asia

Online businesses and digital payments may have existed for decades now, but if you haven’t already realised, the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 brought about …

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caffe_pralet Featured Merchant

Caffe Pralet | Fresh bakes and crafted pastries

Be wowed by the impressive selection of pastries and artisanal bread over at Caffe Pralet, a cosy café tucked away in the quaint neighbourhood of …

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blog_food_photog_2 Running Your Business

How good food photography elevates your F&B business

You may have done this, or know someone who does. Don’t be embarrassed, it’s pretty common to see people take photos of their meals before …

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