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blog_social_media Running Your Business

Which social media platform is best for your business?

The easiest way to stand out from the crowd in this modern world is to go “viral” on the internet. The interconnectedness of social media …

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Geylang_drip_city Featured Merchant

Geylang Drip City | A specialty coffeebar bar dripping with style

Beyond quality brews, Geylang Drip City ticks all the right boxes in completing the coffee hangout experience. Founded by Zainal about a year ago, the …

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blog_ecomm_platform Running Your Business

Which eCommerce platform is right for you?

So you own a small or medium enterprise, and are looking for an eCommerce platform to get your business online. Care to take a guess …

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blog_ecomm_trends Running Your Business

Ecommerce trends in Southeast Asia you need to know

The COVID-19 crisis has led people worldwide to limit physical interactions significantly. Self-imposed social distancing to avoid contagion, together with the strict confinement measures in …

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MIL_egg_tarts Featured Merchant

Mother-in-law Egg Tarts | Artisanal Portuguese egg tarts in the heart of Singapore CBD

“Your dream must be big.” What started as a passion to bring joy to others through her bakes, became a home business for Joyce during …

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The_Mezz Featured Merchant

The Mezz by Sultans of Shave | A hybrid bar and barbershop experience

For Lewis, it was love at first sight with Qashier’s POS solution right after he experienced it at a restaurant that uses our POS system. He paid …

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qrcode (1) Running Your Business

An Introduction to QR Code Ordering System in Singapore

QR code ordering system has become the newest way for people to order food at any F&B establishment in Singapore since the COVID-19 pandemic hit …

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QR Code Ordering Running Your Business

Benefits of QR Code Ordering System

With the dawn of technology in this digital age, everything we do involves the use of digital devices equipped with cutting-edge software that allows us …

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pos system for restaurant | Qashier Product

What kind of SMEs is eligible for a PSG (Grant) for a POS system?

Before we begin to understand what kind of SMEs are eligible for a Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), it’s important to know what the grant is …

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