Marketing ideas for Ramadhan and Raya merchants

The show goes on this Ramadhan!

Even though Ramadhan ends in 2 weeks, there’s always time to drum out marketing initiatives for your businesses to capture customers’ interest. After all, the Hari Raya festivities that follow definitely create demand among Muslim customers, especially for last-minute shoppers. 

It takes understanding your customer demographics to strategise marketing efforts. Social media campaigns have proven to be effective in attracting customers, especially for SMEs who are just starting their businesses. 

Nevertheless, in-store marketing is just as important if you are running a brick and mortar. Combining a solid online and offline marketing strategy, you can make the most out of any festive season, including this Ramadhan!

Let’s explore 4 ideas on how to better engage customers:

1. Support a charitable cause 

Fasting and prayers aside, Ramadhan is also the time of giving. As a business, you can support customers’ charitable initiatives by collaborating with charitable organisations. You may also want to consider understanding your customers’ behaviour to select the organisation that resonates with them. 

Let’s say if you are to promote that part of their purchases would go to charity organisations, you are providing these customers with the ease of doing charity while shopping. All of this builds a positive brand reputation.

2. Upgrade your customers’ shopping experience

Shopping during festive seasons definitely evokes a different mood in customers. As mentioned, in the mid-month of Ramadhan, customers are sure to start shopping for Hari Raya.

Whether you are an online seller or running your business on-ground, customising your packaging would definitely delight customers when they receive their orders. This can involve designing Raya-themed boxes along with placing a personalised wish card. Even better, you can include a free gift like a small box of kurma (dates) or Raya ‘ang-pau’ packets.

3. Provide promotional bundling and customer loyalty 

If you have a customer loyalty program, offering ‘last-minute’ Ramadhan promotional bundling for members can set you apart from competitors.

A good start is to identify what your customers look for. For example, if you are a skincare brand, you would want to provide a bundle that promotes skin hydration as customers will pay more attention to retaining skin moisture when fasting. 

Promotion bundling provokes a sense of value savings when purchasing multiple items. Tying this to your loyalty program entitles members the exclusivity to these attractive deals thus retaining their loyalty. Besides, this also makes a good avenue to attract new customers looking to try out a new brand.

Don’t forget attracting foot traffic is all about the placement of your ads! Strategise the placement of your promotions in-store or online that best captures attention, and don’t forget to mind your customer service too!

4. Create trendy content

Take on the role of an ‘opinion leader’ this festive season. Creating content that inspires customers boosts engagement and subsequently improves your return on investment (ROI).

For example, if you are running a beauty brand, you can start sharing some makeup tutorials for trendy Raya-ready looks. If you are an F&B seller, share simple recipes for sahur or iftar. Or, considering the upcoming Hari Raya, you can also introduce recipes for cuisines such as ketupat, rendang, and lemang

One way to allow your content to quickly reach a wider audience is via influencer marketing which capitalises on the influencer’s following base to expose your brand.

It’s all about finding the right topic that interests your demographic. Staying on top of what’s popular and relevant in your industry can help you better understand your customers’ needs and preferences. From there, continue establishing an interactive social media presence by sharing announcements, new product launches, or polls that encourage feedback. 

Let Qashier upgrade your Ramadhan marketing efforts during the festive seasons

Having in-depth knowledge about your customer base is crucial when it comes to strategising your marketing efforts. In the case of approaching the festive season like Ramadhan and Hari Raya, understanding customers’ shopping behaviour and demands helps differentiates your business in the competitive marketplace. 

Qashier’s user-friendly smart POS terminals provide businesses the access to sales insights which aids in planning marketing initiatives ahead. This aside, utilise the customer loyalty program feature to manage promotions and loyalty programs. You can also promote your online presence by displaying the respective QR code or customising messages on the receipt itself. 

That’s about it for our selected marketing ideas this Ramadhan and the upcoming Raya season. How many of these have you implemented for your business?

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