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Whether you are an event organiser planning the next large-scale entertainment fair, or a small business owner running a night market stall, Qashier is a plug-and-play solution that allows you to get up and running straight out of the box. Purchase or rent, Qashier has the three solutions to suit any type of operation.

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Small, compact, and all-in-one solution

Qashier’s flagship, all-in-one solution.

A powerful, do-it-all centerpiece.

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Perfect and fuss-free for small events and roadshows


Perfect for events that require speed and performance


Perfect for when you want to leave an unforgettable impression

Empower your next event with cashless solutions.

Digitalise and re-invent your events with fast, secure e-payments, and provide guests with quick, contactless sales.

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Accept every payment with just one terminal

WiFi and 4G-enabled means Qashier Smart POS terminals are ready to receive payments at any time, anywhere at your venue.

Quick. Reliable. Easy-to-use. Qashier is the first terminal to accept all payments - cards, e-wallets, QR and more.

With Qashier, your staff seamlessly manage their orders, track inventory, and review sales reports right from one terminal.

Watch how Qashier supercharges events and roadshows.

Shorten the queues and reduce your manpower

A QR ordering system can significantly shorten the queue at your stall by allowing guests to make orders and pay in advance.

Self-serve QR ordering empowers guest and reduce the reliance on your service staff

Qashier’s QR code payment solutions take your event to the next level. No cash, no wallet, no problem – all guests need is their smart device to purchase.

With all these benefits, it must cost a fortune!

No, Qashier’s event solution starts from RM3.80/day. That’s cheaper than an espresso coffee. We made it affordable so that any SMEs can use it. After all, we champion SMEs!

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