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 Your customers are ready to pay. Are you ready to receive?

Maybank QR, TNG, GrabPay, DuitNow, credit/debit card payments –  every customer has their own preferred payment method.

To avoid losing sales and grow your business, merchants like you should always be ready to accommodate your customers.

This is where QashierPay comes to the rescue!

Powering QashierPOS terminals, QashierPay ensures customers’ payment transactions are secure, fast, and accurate. 

Start your journey today with QashierPay and powerlah your business!

Supporting Malaysians' favourite payment methods

What makes QashierPay power

More than just powering payments, QashierPay sets your business up for success.

Fast approval 
Your application will only take one working day to process!

Next-day settlement  
Get your hard-earned sales earnings credited to your account the very next working day! 

 100% accurate payments
Have peace of mind accepting payments with dynamic DuitNow QR

QashierPay rates

Card Payments

From 0.6%*

Receiving card payments was never this easy.* Subject to the type of payment cards and transaction volume.

E-wallet Payments


Cashless is the future. Ready your business now.

QashierPay Terminal


As Wi-Fi, 4G, and Bluetooth keeps you connected, a  5.5″ touch screen keeps all that important data in view. Print receipts anywhere with a built-in printer, assuring your customers that they are in safe hands.

QashierPay Monthly Subscription


Accept payments from debit and credit cards, mobile payments and e-wallets. With ease, speed and security, QashierPay gives your customers options.
Enjoy a lower monthly subscription fee when you subscribe to an annual plan of RM600.Receive FREE subscription renewal with an annual transaction volume exceeding RM300,000.



Review your settlements by products, payment type or even employee. Access your important transaction data anywhere, anytime.

Custom Rates

Custom rates are available for businesses that process over RM300,000* card transactions annually. Get in touch with our friendly Qashier sales team for a plan tailored to your business needs.

Local Customer Support

Rest assured with our best-in-class local customer support for smooth business operations 7-days-a-week.

Sign up. Quick. Seamless.

Skip the lengthy application process from banks. QashierPay ensures that you can start receiving payments and funds as soon as possible.
*Subject to proper documentation.

Ready for The Cashless Future?

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