Simpler Payments Are Here To Stay!

With Qashier’s Pay by Link, you send a payment link directly to your customers. They pay securely online with their preferred credit card, providing a new level of convenience. You receive payments quicker!

How does it work?

Zero code. Fuss-free. Simple payments.

Selling to customers online is as easy as sending a text, DM, or email. You generate and send a dynamic payment link to them. With just a few clicks you receive payments. It’s just that simple!

Benefits of Pay by Link

Fraud-free & accurate

Pay by link

Streamlined payment process

Pay by link

An offline-to-online experience

Pay by link

Fuss-free experience

Pay by link

Your customers now have options

Who is this for?

If you sell your products on live streams or social media, payment links are a quick and efficient way for interested customers to complete a transaction online.

Create unlimited links on QashierHQ for free, and your customers will be able to complete their payment with a credit card through a secure payment gateway. 

You’ll receive payment in full the very next day, with a transparent processing charge up to 15% cheaper than other platforms.

Only pay when you make a sale

For domestic & international cards


coming soon


Create an account and start receiving payments today

Step 1:

Click on the “create your account” button below to get started

Step 2:

Go to your QashierHQ merchant dashboard, and click on Payment Management.

Step 3 (final step):

Submit the necessary documents and your payment account will be activated in 3 working days.

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