How Qashier Stock Request Feature Easily Helps Multi Outlet Retail Stores

In the ever-evolving world of retail chain stores, it’s important to offer a diverse range of products across multiple locations to reach more customers and boost your sales. The strategy does not revolve around just multiplying store locations. It involves building a scalable operational ecosystem that contributes to efficient inventory management across all your stores and ensures stocks are always available.

Many empty shelves spell disaster for retail chain stores. Timely stock deliveries are the lifeblood, ensuring customer satisfaction, maintaining sales momentum, and optimising inventory levels. This emphasises the need for a stock management system like Qashier’s stock request feature. But before we dive deep into this feature, let’s first explore some issues a retail business may encounter when using a manual stock management system.

5 Top Issues Why a Manual Stock Management System May Sink Profits

As retail chain businesses expand, using a manual stock request and transfer process becomes unreliable and inconvenient. Imagine your stores running low on essential stocks, your customers getting frustrated with unavailable items, and your lost sales piling up. Not a good scenario, right? Here are reasons why a manual process isn’t practical:

1. Forgetful Staff

Busy staff may overlook inventory checks, leading to inaccurate stock requests or stockouts.

2. Communication Breakdown

Misplaced paperwork, missed calls, and buried messages or emails will result in further delays and confusion, leaving the chain stores’ stock requests unresolved. 

3. Transfer Delays

Even with a timely stock request, deliveries may get delayed, typically due to traffic or logistic hiccups. Merchants face uncertainty regarding the fulfilment of their stock requests due to the lack of real-time data, which leads to anxiety and hinders optimal inventory management.

4. Foggy Historical Data

The warehouse won’t be able to predict future stock needs without a proper record of previous stock requests. Such a situation could cause overstocking or understocking at some locations. When a demand spikes, it can leave the warehouse in panic, resulting in stockouts.

5. Costly Consequences

Lost sales due to empty shelves, inventory obsolescence due to overstocking, and eroding customer trust and brand image due to stockouts are some costly issues you may encounter with an inefficient stock management system. 

A manual stock management system isn’t an ideal setup, especially for retail chain businesses. It can drain your resources and time, bringing lost profits and huge financial issues in the long run. So what can merchants do to minimise such losses? 

The Solution: Break Free With Qashier Stock Request Feature

Qashier Stock Request and Transfer feature empowers your outlet staff and warehouse managers with an efficient, automated, and easy-to-use inventory management system.

Now, you can easily manage stocks and inventories without having to struggle with complex systems or confusing interfaces. With Qashier’s intuitive Stock Request and Transfer feature, staff members and managers can utilize the following functions and benefits:

For Outlet Staff:
  • Send requests right from the QashierPOS: No more handwritten notes or forgotten emails. Staff can submit stock requests directly from their POS terminal or Android devices, quickly specifying the item, quantity, and desired delivery date.
  • Real-time visibility: See available inventory levels across all locations in real-time, knowing which specific items to request and to which store location or warehouse to request stock.
  • Automatic updates: Once someone approves a request, your outlet’s inventory count automatically updates, eliminating manual adjustments and reducing errors.
  • Stock request tracking: Track the status of your requests in real time, knowing exactly when your stock is expected to arrive.
For Operation Managers:
  • Low-stock alerts: Receive instant notifications when inventory levels dip below pre-defined thresholds, ensuring proactive stock replenishment.
  • Centralised dashboard via QashierHQ: View all outstanding stock requests from all outlets in one centralised location, streamlining approval and prioritisation.
  • Status updates: You can track the progress of each request. See if it’s pending, cancelled, overdue, or completed, all at a glance.
  • Secured with a PIN: Each stock request is protected with a terminal PIN, ensuring only authorised personnel can submit or modify them.
  • Transparency for everyone: Stay informed and empower your team. Both merchants and staff enjoy complete visibility into the stock request process.

Ready to experience the difference?

With Qashier’s stock request feature, get to experience seamless, automated inventory management across all your store locations. Contact us today for a free demo and discover how QashierPOS empowers your chain’s stores with ease.

More about Qashier

Qashier offers multiple digital solutions, including QR code table ordering, table management (F&B), employee management, customer relationship management (loyalty programs), inventory management, data analytics, and cashless payments, in an all-in-one device.

Qashier promises a seamless setup within 10 minutes, without the need for technical expertise. It boasts a user-friendly interface that is simple for anyone to learn and use. If you require assistance, you’ll find 7 days-a-week responsive technical support from your local team.

Try the Qashier app for free on your own Android device! Alternatively, you can speak to us to see how Qashier can meet your business needs. Schedule a meeting with us here, call us at (+65) 3165 0155, WhatsApp (+60) 12 660 2741, or email [email protected].



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