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Heal, revitalise and boost your health with Qashier merchant Sin An Medical Treatment, a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) specialist based out of Selangor, Malaysia. A graduate of University of Chinese Medicine in China, Sin An’s co-founder Max Soo, found his calling in TCM at a very young age. He soothes persistent aches to treating digestive issues, with a holistic approach towards health and wellness needs.

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I am Physician Soo, the owner of Sin An Medical Treatment. Sin An Medical Treatment was established in 2016.

When I was about to set up a second branch, I had a discussion with a colleague of mine if there was a system to remotely access sales reports, and we chose Qashier.

When I was young, I visited a few traditional Chinese medicine clinics. Right after graduating from high school, I enrolled in the University of Chinese Medicine. I then found out there are various incurable diseases.

Back then, I thought if I could, when I grow up, I would do my best to help society. When I was setting up Sin An Medical Treatment, my vision was to have all staff, from backend to storefront, be professional TCM physicians, all ready to assist.

Even at the counter, our professionals are capable enough to provide consultation, and stop purchases that may be toxic, or made into a home remedy.

The most popular treatment in Sin An Medical Treatment is manual therapy and conditioning.

The most meaningful part of this job is giving professional advice to each customer, allowing them to recuperate, and then seeing them recover.

Qashier system is easy to operate right through to the sale, and it even tracks the commission for the employee, as well as tracking monthly sales reports, managing inventory in-store and at the warehouse, etc.

Operating the system is easy and intuitive. There is also the customer reward system, as long as they exceed a certain amount, we will give them something. For example, a free massage, acupuncture, or cupping.

In general, Qashier promotes repeated patronage and brand loyalty. Several friends have even asked about Qashier’s streamlining solutions.

Indeed, Qashier allows us to save on manpower and time, and we can easily access the data, and reports we want to see.



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