Malaysian halal market: What do F&Bs need to know

As a global hub for halal products and services, Malaysia offers a lucrative market for F&B businesses. This makes possessing a halal certification not only enhances a store’s credibility but also boosts confidence among Muslim customers. 

In this blog, we explore the significance of halal certification, consumer preferences, growth opportunities in Malaysia’s halal market and how Qashier can support your Halal certification journey.

First of all, halal-certified: Yes or no?

The revelation that well-known F&B places like Madam Kwan, Dolly Dim Sum, and K Fry not being halal-certified despite having a large number of Muslim customers has sparked conversations within the Muslim community. 

While some are comfortable with these outlets as long as they are pork-free and have ingredients sourced from halal or Jakim-recognised places, others are more vigilant in their choices. 

On the other hand, we see other franchises taking proactive steps in obtaining the halal certification. Chagee, a popular milk tea brand recently has five of their stores certified with 30 others in the pipeline to do so by year-end. Japan-based convenience branch Family Mart has done the same, removing the sale of alcohol on their premises. 

Nevertheless, as an F&B, obtaining the certification may not be easy. Screening processes aside, another reason why F&B outlets choose to opt this out can be the cost of certification. 

However, it is important to note that halal certification is not just about meeting religious requirements. It is also a way to ensure that food is safe and of high quality. Below are the considerations businesses can take:

An assurance of quality and trust

Displaying the halal logo prominently in outlets serves as a mark of quality and trust for F&B businesses. It sets them apart from competitors and assures Muslim customers of their commitment to adhering to halal standards.

Shorter processing time: an initiative by the Malaysian government 

During the tabling of the 2024 Budget, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim announced the government will be shortening the halal certificate processing period from 51 days to 30 days. This is a significant step in helping the SME sector, allowing them to navigate the requirements with greater ease. Most importantly, it encourages more businesses to consider obtaining halal certification, enhancing their competitiveness in the market.

Tapping into a Larger Market: Muslim Tourists

Do you know that Malaysia has been named by the “Best Muslim-Friendly Destination” Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)? 

What’s more, Malaysia aims to serve 3.2 million Muslim tourists, a 52% increase from its goal in 2022. This presents a golden opportunity for F&B businesses that are halal certified, as they can cater to these tourists’ dining needs, resulting in increased sales and brand exposure.

Gain further confidence for your F&B Operations with Qashier

Amidst the community’s divide on famous premises not being halal, one netizen pointed out that customers can opt to dine in at local restaurants which are likely halal instead, indicating a #SupportLokal movement.

A halal certification provides F&B businesses with a competitive edge in Malaysia where they tap into a larger customer base, build trust, and enhance their market position. 

Ensuring your business runs smoothly in serving customers is as important as providing comfort and assurance in your food quality. 

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