Fabs | The “TikTok” beauty and skincare store

Skincare. Makeup. Bodycare. That’s what Fabs is all about. What differentiates Fabs from other beauty retailers is the viral brands they offer. Known as the “Tiktok store”, Fabs is a playground for millennials and Gen Z beauty enthusiasts to sample what’s hot online.
Go behind the scenes with co-founder Randy and his brand manager Sean, as they share what it’s like running a beauty e-commerce store and how Qashier ensures a seamless shopping experience for their customers.

Hi, my name is Randy. I’m the co-founder of Fabs.
Hi, my name is Sean. I’m the brand manager and operation in Fabs.

So Fabs is a multi-brand beauty retailer that features all the latest products online.
So they always call us like the “TikTok store” in person.
Before we started Fabs we were an e-commerce beauty retailer for about five years.
So we see that a lot of products are trending online; they are not available in retail.
That’s why we made Fabs to provide that.
Our customers are mainly young females ranging from 18 to 25 years old.
Fabs has a non-interrupting shopping experience.
So if customers walk into our store, they are free to discover the brands they see online and try it before they actually make a purchase.
And we also offer mini products and samples so that they can actually try it out before they decide to buy it.
One of our main challenges is to maintain smooth daily operations.
We do so by constantly reviewing our internal process and working closely with our partner to improve our reporting and daily operations management.

When we started to go into a retail operation, we actually did survey a few POS systems and we found out that Qashier is the most suitable system.
Qashier did improve our customer experience through different kinds of payment method that Qashier did provide. For example like QR Pay, Touch n’ Go, and many more.
I like how the payment from Qashier systems auto syncs to the terminal system instantaneously.
For the QashierHQ portal, they have given us a very user-friendly experience.
And also I like how we extract all the reports out easily without clicking more buttons.
Basically, they are very user-friendly. Qashier is doing everything.
It’s very fast for me to pick up and teach the rest of the staff.



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