Effortless Operations, Endless Celebrations 🎉

Get Raya Ready with Qashier's CRAZIEST POS & Payments Discount Bundle!

This Raya, focus on celebrating what matters most and let Qashier handle the rest. Streamline your operations, boost sales , while saving on your business cost with our Raya Ready POS & Payments discount bundle.

Accept Malaysians favourite cashless payment methods

Choose any feature to add the oomph to your business needs

*only entitled for Qashier POS + Payments bundle merchants

Food delivery integration
for Grabfood and Foodpanda

E-commerce integration
for Shopify and WooCommerce

Kitchen Display System 
to sync orders from table to kitchen

Table QR ordering 
for contactless ordering

Appointment management
to manage your customers’ slots

Loyalty management
to build your fanbase and reward them

and more!

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Terms & Conditions

    1. Qashier retains the right to modify, cancel, or discontinue its Raya Ready with Qashier initiatives, or amend the clauses, terms and conditions of the Raya Ready with Qashier initiatives at any time without prior notice or explanation.
    2. In the event of disputes, Qashier holds the authority to make final determinations for resolution.
    3. Qashier is not liable for any losses, damages, or inconveniences resulting from the usage of the Raya Ready with Qashier initiatives.
    4. Any information provided as part of the Raya Ready with Qashier initiatives is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice.
    5. Qashier does not guarantee the availability or uninterrupted access to the Raya Ready with Qashier initiatives or any associated services.
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