Meet QashierPay
Your payment superhero. Sentiasa game untuk bayaran


 Your customers are ready to pay. Are you ready to receive?

Maybank QR, TNG, GrabPay, DuitNow, credit/debit card payments –  every customer has their own preferred payment method.

To avoid losing sales and grow your business, merchants like you should always be ready to accommodate your customers.

This is where QashierPay comes to the rescue!

Powering QashierPOS terminals, QashierPay ensures customers’ payment transactions are secure, fast, and accurate. 

Start your journey today with QashierPay and powerlah your business!

Supporting Malaysians' favourite payment methods

What makes QashierPay power

More than just powering payments, QashierPay sets your business up for success.

Fast approval 
Your application will only take one working day to process!

Next-day settlement  
Get your hard-earned sales earnings credited to your account the very next working day! 

 100% accurate payments
Have peace of mind accepting payments with dynamic DuitNow QR

Supercharge your business with the ultimate business solution.
Powerlah your business with these bundle savings.

Choose your Qashier superhero

The Unstoppable Qashier app

You need it, you got it!
Get a POS and payment right away on your Android smartphone by downloading it on Google Play. 

  • Set up everything on your own phone or merchant portal
  • Accepts DuitNow QR
  • Powered by cloud-based technology

The Ultimate and Supreme QashierX2

The ultimate business solution for all your needs. 
Dual-screen functionality, well equipped for both card and QR payments, QashierX2 brings new possibilities for your business to soar.

  • Dual-screen, double the efficiency
  • 8-hour battery lasting
  • Portable with speed 
  • Wireless charging
  • Powered by cloud-based technology 

Small but mighty QashierXS

Always on the go? 
Being lightweight, QashierXS is ready by your side wherever your business goes!
  • Plug. Play. Go. 
  • Single display
  • Portable (< 500 gram)
  • Powered by cloud-based technology 
The full setup experience: QashierXL + QashierXS
Looking for something more “complete”? The dual-screen QashierXL desktop-like terminal paired with the QashierXS terminal will give a boost to your productivity!
  • Dual-screen, double the efficiency
  • Large display
  • Highly scalable
  • Powered by cloud-based technology 

Enable QashierPay into your business routine

Need assistance? Speak to us and empower your business today!

Frequently asked questions

Our QashierPay Powerlah FREE software renewal plan is available for businesses who meet the following criteria:

  • Registered under Malaysia's SSM (Companies Commission of Malaysia)
  • Signed up for Qashier POS and payment Essential subscription bundle package
  • Consistently achieved annual transaction volume above RM500,000 processed with our Qashier payment terminal (Speak to our Qashier experts for other renewal deals available.)

Yes! QashierPay is also open for all existing merchants who are not using our Qashier payment solution.

Our team is fully dedicated in ensuring you have the best onboarding and local support to get your business going with Qashier. In the event you find our solution not suitable, the refund policy applies within 14 days from the deployment date OR 30 days from the date of payment, whichever is earlier, subject to the condition of the terminal.

For debit/credit card in-store, the rates starts from 0.6%.

For DuitNow QR, the rate would be 0.8%. 


  1. Qashier remains the right to modify, cancel, or discontinue the QashierPay Powerlah initiatives, clauses, terms and conditions at any time without prior notice or explanation. 
  2. In the event of disputes, Qashier holds the authority to make final determinations for resolution.
  3. Qashier is not liable for any losses, damages, or inconveniences resulting from the usage of the QashierPay terminals.
  4. Any information provided as part of the QashierPay Powerlah initiative is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice.
  5. Qashier does not guarantee the availability or any uninterrupted access to the QashierPay Powerlah products or any associated services.