How personalized payments transform customer experience

In the pursuit of customer retention, a golden rule is to prioritize your customers’ needs. Are you currently offering personalized payments for your customers to enhance their shopping experience?

For instance, Jenny, a young professional, seeks a fitness tracker. She finds one online but faces limited payment options at checkout—credit card or bank transfer only. Without a credit card and finding bank transfers cumbersome, she abandons her cart without hesitation.

What is the secret to maximizing personalized payments? It is leveraging data to understand your customers’ preferences. By analyzing demographics, location, and past purchase behavior, your business can anticipate customer needs and tailor a personalized payment that resonates. 

Understand consumer payment trends

In Southeast Asia’s booming digital market, understanding customer preferences ensures inclusive and seamless payment – a critical factor for business success. It drives:

  • Sales boost: Diversifying payment options expands your business’ reach and elevates sales + customer satisfaction.
  • Cart abandonment reduction: Understanding customers’ preferred payment methods reduces abandonment rates caused by limited options.
  • Building loyalty: Providing familiar and convenient payment methods fosters trust, encourages repeat purchases, and nurtures customer loyalty.

Moreover, understanding customers involves ensuring financial inclusion, which is crucial in regions like Southeast Asia with limited digital banking. Offering diverse payment options may help:

  • Reach the unbanked: While digital payments are trendy, going exclusively cashless may limit customer access.
  • Empower segments: Tailor payment methods for diverse demographics. For example, serving tech-savvy youth with digital wallets while offering cash on delivery (COD) for others will ensure inclusivity.

Customer preferences in the Philippines and Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, the payment landscape is multifaceted. By 2025, the region is projected to reach 439.7 million active wallets, a 311% increase from 2020, positioning it as the fastest-growing mobile wallet region. E-wallets thrive in the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, expected to surpass cards by 2026. 

In the Philippines, cash remains the most preferred mode of payment. But since the 2019 pandemic, cashless payment methods like e-wallets have become popular and more establishments have started accepting digital payments.

Source: Komoju, with statistical data from Market share of payment methods in total e-commerce transaction value worldwide in 2022, by region

Meanwhile, Cash on Delivery (COD) continues to hold its ground in certain countries, especially for social commerce transactions.

Understanding customer payment preferences helps unlock markets, builds relationships, and promotes financial inclusion in Southeast Asia.

Transform customer experience via personalized payments

Speed and convenience

While shopping in-store, your customers can enjoy seamless checkout experiences by using their preferred e-wallet or contactless card, avoiding form-filling and long waits.

For online shoppers, QashierPay by Link (available in Singapore, coming soon in the Philippines) offers secure, personalized payments. This unique feature sends a secure payment link directly to customers’ mobile phones or emails, eliminating the need for manual entry. With one click, busy bees who prioritize convenience can swiftly complete purchases.

Safe and secure transactions

Security is paramount for payments. Personalized options like dynamic QR code payments offer enhanced protection to your customers. Each code is unique per transaction, thwarting fraud attempts. Dynamic QR payments also provide real-time transaction confirmation, so your customers can shop confidently with peace of mind.

Empower customer experience

In the past, large purchases often strain customers’ budgets. The in-trend buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) personalized payments allow your customers to split their purchases into manageable installments. Customers find high-cost items more affordable when they can pay for them over several months.

2021-2026 BNPL e-commerce spending in Southeast Asia countries forecast

Source: Statista 2024

Numerous BNPL providers offer transparent payment schedules, aiding customers in budgeting and curbing impulse buys. With minimal upfront payments, your customers have more budget for other expenses, enabling wiser spending and smarter buying decisions. 

Additionally, customers receive immediate notifications on their mobile phone or email after each transaction. This keeps your customers informed of their spending activity, fostering greater transparency and trust.

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