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Which Qashier POS is right for you?

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Compact, Portable, 8-hour Battery & Integrated Payments

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Large Displays, Powerful, Highly Scalable & Integrated Payments

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Introducing The Qashier Smart Terminal

The world’s best compact all-in-one POS system. It’s everything you need to run your stores, and more. With a sleek, clean design, it will look great on your counter too.

Take a tour of the various features of the Smart Terminal by hovering your mouse or tapping the flashing blue icons below.


Smart POS | Qashier

Main 7″ Touchscreen Display

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PayWave, NFC-enabled

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Micro-USB for external connections (i.e. cash drawers)

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8-hour Battery Life

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Wi-Fi/4G enabled

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QashierX1 Front | Qashier

3.5″ Touchscreen for customers to view orders and scan QR codes

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Barcode/QR code scanner

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Thermal receipt printer

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Integrated front camera

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Credit/debit card slot

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Technical Specifications

  • 7″ Front-facing Display
  • 3.5″ Back-facing Display
  • 3,900 mAh Li-Ion battery
  • Integrated back-facing camera
  • 58mm thermal receipt printer
  • Barcode & QR code scanner (optional)

The Qashier Smart Terminal also connects seamlessly with other accessories

(and yes, we can provide a full suite of hardware solutions according to your needs)


Qashier Tab | Qashier
For portability and mobility, QashierTab is an 8" Android tablet for table-to-table orders. Orders created on QashierTab automatically syncs with Qashier POS Terminal.

Receipt/Kitchen Printer

Reciept Printer | Qashier
Our 80mm thermal printer connects to your Qashier POS terminal either by USB or Wi-Fi. Use it as a kitchen printer for convenient order taking or as a receipt printer for your customers!

Cash Drawer

Cash Drawer High Res | Qashier
Our cash drawer connects seamlessly with the Qashier POS terminal and helps you to take cash payments with ease


QashierKDS | Qashier
QashierKDS integrates seamlessly with the Qashier POS terminal to automatically and instantly display all your orders in your kitchen.

Omnidirectional Scanner

Barcode Scanner | Qashier
Perfect for minimarts and supermarkets, our omnidirectional barcode scanner allows you to easily scan the barcodes of your items and add it into the POS order. *Best suited for QashierXL

Handheld Scanner

Handheld Scanner | Qashier
Handheld barcode scanner for portability. Simply connect it to the Qashier POS terminal via USB and use it when required. *Best suited for QashierXL

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