Qashier triumphs with two awards for Fintech categories at Singapore and Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2024

Qashier triumphs with two awards for Fintech categories at Singapore and Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2024

The company continues to set standards in the fintech space with QashierX2, a true all-in-one business solution, seamlessly embedding payment processing into a smart, point-of-sale terminal.

SINGAPORE – Singapore-based fintech startup Qashier achieved two prestigious wins this year for its QashierX2 terminal, receiving Technology Excellence Awards in Fintech categories for Business Services in Singapore and for Financial Services in Malaysia.

The annual awards program, led by Singapore Business Review for Singapore and The Asian Business Review for Malaysia, honors outstanding companies driving the digital revolution and demonstrating technological excellence within their respective industries.

Qashier triumphs with two awards for Fintech categories at Singapore and Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2024

Recipients of this year’s awards in Singapore were celebrated during an Awards Dinner at Marina Bay Sands on 18 April 2024. 

“As a company, we always believe that if you combine elegant hardware and software you can actually make magic happen. And today’s award is a testament to our continued innovation and dedication to continue to serve the local SME community,” said Christopher Choo, CEO and Co-founder of Qashier.

Lauded for its game-changing capabilities, the award-winning QashierX2 marks a momentous innovation in the fintech space, streamlining fragmented operations that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) commonly face. QashierX2 features a smart fusion of all essential POS tools, embedded with seamless payments, in one sleek and portable terminal.

QashierX2 is supported by powerful cloud-based solutions. This empowers merchants to manage their operations anytime and anywhere by accessing QashierHQ, their online merchant back-office, with an internet connection. Merchants can conveniently access valuable insights and analytics remotely, an essential feature in today’s fast-paced business world.

Furthermore, QashierX2 is fully equipped to accept a plethora of payment methods, including physical cash, credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and various other mobile payment options. This ensures inclusivity and convenience for all kinds of customers, regardless of their preferred payment method.

 QashierX2 builds upon the strong foundation already set by its predecessor, QashierX1, boasting notable improvements such as bigger screens (customer-facing, merchant-facing), longer battery life, more powerful processing capabilities, and fully embedded payments.

QashierX2’s victory in the recently held Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards (MTEA) on 21 March 2024 in Kuala Lumpur follows its previous MTEA win for another product, QashierXS, which received acclaim for the Emerging Technology – Business Services category in 2023.

Qashier’s back-to-back wins are a testament to the fintech company’s relentless pursuit of innovation. While QashierXS focuses on enabling mobility for micro to small enterprises, QashierX2 presents advanced capabilities to serve a wider merchant network with robust and speedier performance – be it processing payments or managing day-to-day operations. 

Qashier is dedicated to continuously innovating POS and payment solutions to help businesses of all sizes digitalize and streamline their operations. These significant wins further strengthen Qashier’s commitment to growth and innovation in the fintech landscape.



About Qashier (

Qashier is a Singapore-based, venture-backed startup that empowers SMEs from all industries with smart point-of-sale (POS) and payment solutions that digitalize and streamline their business operations. Qashier’s Smart point-of-sale (POS) systems boast all-in-one payments (available in Singapore, Malaysia, and coming soon in Thailand and the Philippines) and powerful cloud-based solutions. They come in three form factors, the lightweight QashierXS, the sleek QashierX1, and the powerful QashierXL smart POS terminals. From cafes to restaurants, salons to boutiques, Qashier keeps things simple, so merchants can do more and grow their business.

For more information about Qashier and how they can empower your business, contact at +63 917 QASHIER (7274437) (Whatsapp and Viber), email at [email protected], or visit

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