Commission reward system for staff: How to incentivise success to retain excellence

Commission reward system for staff: How to incentivise success to retain excellence

The power of a commission-based reward system for staff is more than just a feel-good perk! This reward system is a game-changer for your business, fostering a strong company culture, raising employee engagement, empowering team collaborations effectively, and creating a safe space for growth.

Has your business started a commission-based reward system for staff yet? 

In this blog, we will explore the pros of the commission reward system for staff, and how it fuels productivity, drives results, and cultivates excellence. You will also learn how Qashier’s staff management commission feature helps unlock the full potential of your staff members.

Pros of commission reward system for staff 

A commission-based reward system is a powerful engine that drives staff, teams, and businesses to success. It works wonders within different sectors, particularly in the world of retailers and SMEs.

1. Direct payoff fuels performance

Commission-based rewards fuel staff motivation by connecting effort and earning potential. The direct link incentivises staff to reap bigger rewards by going further, putting in more hours in prospecting, and nurturing new or existing customers. And the result? Your business soars with staff productivity that leads to higher-quality sales potentially.

2. Customised rewards

Commission plans can be customised for both company goals and individual roles.  For instance, your sales staff might earn a higher commission rate for acquiring new clients, while customer service reps could get a bonus for customer retention. This flexibility allows your businesses to target specific behaviours that drive success.

3. Empowerment and recognition

When your staff sees a direct link between their effort and rewards earned (through commissions), they feel valued and empowered. A study shows that 78% of staff are willing to put in more effort if they receive recognition

Recognition is an impactful feedback tool for your business. A study shows that companies with formal recognition programs see a whopping 31% reduction in voluntary turnover. Additionally, it is 12 times more likely to achieve stellar business results.

4. Appreciation in action 

A study shows that 70% of employees feel better about themselves when their managers regularly thank and appreciate them. Commission structures offer built-in recognition. When employees achieve goals and are rewarded with higher commissions, they feel valued and appreciated for their contributions. This consistent recognition fosters loyalty and reduces the desire to seek validation elsewhere.

5. Increased productivity and lower absenteeism

Studies show that disengaged employees experience a 37% higher absentee rate and make 60% more errors. Commission rewards incentivise focus and continuous improvement, leading to higher quality work and fewer mistakes. This, in turn, reduces stress associated with performance anxiety and potential reprimands.

6. A culture of celebration

Commission-based rewards naturally create a culture of celebration. When a business sales team hits a target, everyone within the team benefits. This creates a sense of shared accomplishment and strengthens team bonds.  Staff become more invested in helping each other succeed, knowing that a team win translates to a win for everyone.

Unlock your staff’s full potential with Qashier

Qashier Staff Management offers a robust suite of features designed to streamline your operations, empower your team, and unlock their full potential. Here’s what it offers for your business:

  • Unlimited staff accounts. Manage a growing team with ease. Qashier allows you to enrol an unlimited number of staff accounts, eliminating limitations as your business expands.
  • Real-time management with QashierHQ. Manage your entire staff in real time using QashierHQ, your online back-office portal. Access your staff information, update schedules, and monitor performance, all from a centralised location.
Commission Management

With Qashier Commission Management, reward your employees who are helping you grow! Assign commission tiers to your staff with predefined commission rates to motivate them to keep doing what they do best.

  • Reward top performers. Drive results through incentives. Motivate your staff to excel with a configurable commission structure. Create commission tiers and assign them to specific employees, tailoring rewards to their roles and contributions.
  • Granular commission control. Set clear expectations and reward specific achievements. Tag commission rates to individual or product categories, incentivise the sale of high-margin items, or promote special offerings.
  • Collaborative sales recognition. Recognise teamwork. The ability to tag multiple staff members to a sale ensures that everyone involved in a successful transaction gets credit – fostering a collaborative and supportive sales environment.
Staff Access Control

With Qashier Staff Access Control, empower the right people with the right amount of access controls. Manage access for staff to void transactions or offer discounts, when you need to.

  • Role-based permissions. Grant access based on responsibilities. Empower your team with the tools they need while maintaining control. Assign specific access levels to staff, allowing them to void transactions, offer discounts, or manage refunds – only when necessary.
  • Security adjustments. Qashier allows you to restrict or modify access levels for individual staff members at any time. This ensures complete control over your operations and minimises the risk of unauthorised actions.
Time Card Management

With Qashier Time Card Management, ensure your operations keep running timely and smoothly, with full oversight of your employees’ clock-in and out times.

  • Simple clock in/out. Staff can clock in and out of their shifts quickly and easily using a secure PIN system, without manual timesheets.
  • Flexible time management. Adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Managers can edit clock in/out timings when necessary, with a clear record of all changes made for complete transparency.
  • Data export for payroll. Experience effortless administrative tasks. Qashier allows you to export time card reports for payroll processing and other administrative needs, saving you valuable time and streamlining your back-office operations.

In conclusion, a well-designed commission reward system for staff members offers a wealth of benefits that extend far beyond just financial incentives. Your business creates a win-win situation whereby staff are motivated yet engaged. This leads to long-term business success and a thriving rich work environment.

Are you ready to invest in your staff with Qashier? Let’s work together to empower your business toward success!

More about Qashier

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Qashier promises a seamless setup within 10 minutes, without the need for technical expertise. It boasts a user-friendly interface that is simple for anyone to learn and use. If you require assistance, you’ll find 7 days-a-week responsive technical support from your local team.

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