Brewnanza! Beer, grub & cashless payments!

Is Singapore’s heat getting to you? How does an ice-cold beer sound? If it’s a resounding yes, then it’s time to head down to Brewnanza Fest by Brewlander at Bayfront Event Spaces. 

Happening from 3 to 6 August 2023, you can indulge in more than 100 distinctive craft beer selections from local talent and famous international breweries. With plenty of seating available, you can relax in the cool shade of the canopy and grab a drink – or two! It’s the fulfilment of every beer lover’s most extravagant fantasy.

And get ready your e-wallets on your mobile phone or credit/debit card because this event is completely cashless! No more slow queues and fussing with your wallets while you’re in beer-heaven! It’s as simple as tap and pay, whether you use PayWave, credit or debit cards. 

Brewnanza is truly a craft beer geek’s fantasy. You’ll get a taste of craft beers from around the world, such as DD4D from Japan and Trillium Brewing from the US to whet your appetite. DD4D, a super trendy brewer and clothier from Matsuyama, is celebrating their 4th year as a small, independent brewer. Despite being relatively new, they showcase a bold lineup of beers, including some with unique sake yeasts.

You’ll also be thrilled to find Trillium Brewing from Massachusetts. This 10-year-old New England farmhouse-inspired brewery is a well-known name in the craft beer scene, and Brewnanza will be a rare chance to try their famous brews.

Brewnanza will also shine a spotlight on beers made right in Singapore. 

Support local homegrown breweries such as the Singapore brand That Singapore Beer Project. You can’t miss the catchy-looking headboard with the “warning” sign as their stall counter. For coffee lovers, you’ll love the La Saigon Coffee Stout, an extremely drinkable light beer with a 4.2% ABV. But if you’re undecided, let the friendly staff choose for you! 

Other local beer companies, such as Off Day Beer Company, a trendy lifestyle label, will present its line of brews that are easy on the palate but still pack a punch. Additionally, the ever-popular Alive Brewing Co will likely see queues forming fast, as they’ll be serving their attention-grabbing Buah Keluak Imperial Stout.

For merchants wondering about cashless payments, first-time Qashier user Dani from The Singapore Beer Project said: “It’s the first time we’ve tried using the Qashier terminal, and we found it easy for our customers to tap and go”.

Not only is it easy to learn for first-time users, but the all-in-one Qashier terminal also makes it easy for vendors like Shake Shack to manage queues. Customers pay by tapping on the lightweight and full-function QashierXS smart POS terminal. 

Then instead of waiting in line, the Qashier buzzer alerts customers to collect food when it’s ready. So now you can knock back a beer or two while waiting comfortably for your grub. This is extremely important for F&B merchants managing impatient customers waiting in snaking queues. Our all-in-one Qashier POS system makes managing crowds a breeze! 

Even Hongkong-based Heroes Beer Co was excited by the ease of using the Qashier smart POS terminal. Their staff remarked that it was quick to set up and to hit the ground running. The popular Hongkong brand is known for its innovative flavours, such as Pu’er English Strong Ale. Despite being new to smart POS terminals, the intuitive payment terminal had a zero learning curve for them.

Another fellow Hongkong beer brand, Young Master, echoed the same sentiment. Grab the convenient sampler of four beers in 150ml cups if you can’t decide what you want from Young Master at Brewnanza!

Apart from local and international beers, prepare your appetite for delectable lip-smacking dishes. You can choose crispy omelettes from Breadfast Everyday, or get the finger-licking good chicken wings from The Kongsee. Qashier partner Breadfast Everday is no stranger to using our terminals since they’ve experienced seamless transactions from the machine while participating at another cashless outdoor fair Gastrobeats.

Finally, pop by host Brewlander’s stall to indulge in delectable delights, such as  Freedom. The beverage is refreshing and clear-cut, offering a finely balanced hop fragrance. This unfiltered lager is a versatile companion to almost any meal. Brewlander is going all out, offering an impressive array of special edition beers. Among them is the intriguingly named Alison, I’ll Drink Your Wine, a juicy and tropical New England IPA. The 58 Shades of Red is another must-try. Created as a festive concoction, the rare red IPA style was crafted to celebrate Singapore’s 58th birthday.

But there’s even more to enjoy! Groove to top-tier music acts by the breathtaking waterfront promenade.

The local music and party group Ice Cream Sundays lead the DJ scene for the festival’s first three days, from Thursday to Saturday. Look forward to various artists and groups, such as Darker Than Wax, Revision Music, and Magic hitting the stage.

On Sunday, the vibe shifts with Sweetness Follows Records, showcasing an afternoon filled with genres ranging from punk rock and alternative to emo-math pop, indie-folk, and R&B. Bands rocking the stage include Bellied Star, Death Valley Community Club, Forest, and Mary Sue, featuring fxrxzx.

There are also hands-on homebrewing workshops which you can sign up here. Learn all about beer for beginners from Dr Joseph Ng, Singapore’s first Certified Cicerone, on Saturday at 5 pm. Dr Joe will take audiences through a 30-minute guided tour through the sensory wonderland of craft beer, unravelling the magic behind each sip. Or learn the essential concepts to make your first batch of homebrew from John Wei, Founder of Brewlander, on Sunday at 4 pm.

Finally, children and furkids are invited! What better way to spend a weekend out in the sun with an ice-cold pint in your hands? 

Set aside the dates from 3rd to 6th August 2023, and secure your tickets immediately! Every ticket includes a complimentary beer at the festival.

Qashier is proud to be the official payment gateway sponsor for Brewnanza, providing easy breezy, cashless payments. Cheers!

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