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V2-TECH Running Your Business

5 Tech Solutions That Will Revolutionise SME Operations This 2024

Here’s a textbook scenario: Patricia started off baking cupcakes at home. Her home-based business took off quickly, and in 2024, opens a bakery offering all ...
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CNY-1280x854-1-1024x683 (1) Running Your Business

Dragon-Inspired CNY Marketing Strategies Customers Will Love

Lao Pans, get ready to welcome the spirit of the vigorous Dragon as Chinese New Year draws closer! Let’s get your sleeves rolled up and ...
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5-2-1024x683 Running Your Business

New Year, New POS: 5 Signs It’s Time for a POS System Upgrade

As businesses embark on a new year, it’s crucial to reevaluate the tools contributing to their success. The first item to look at is your ...
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Blog-POS-and-Payments-Embedded-1024x683 Product

Qashier. POS and Payments. Embedded.

In the dynamic landscape of Fintech and point-of-sale systems (POS), where innovation and efficiency are paramount, the terms “embedded” and “integrated” have gained significant prominence. ...
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20240123-160350-1024x683 Running Your Business

Refine Lunar New Year Business Resolutions with Wood Dragon Vigor

Taukehs, Lao Pans, and bosses! Have you prepared your business New Year resolutions for a noteworthy transformation in 2024?  This year’s Chinese New Year celebrates ...
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blog_0801-1024x683 Running Your Business

What is the Best Time to Start Your Own Business?

Calling all aspiring merchants! A new year means a fresh way to chase that dream of starting your own business.  You may be a fantastic ...
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NOTITLE-BANNER-1 Running Your Business

Global Business Trends to Look Out For in 2024

In 2023, the business landscape has featured a mix of challenges and innovations. To excel in a progressively competitive market, businesses may need to prioritise ...
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blog_inventory_management_mini_mart Running Your Business

Managing Inventory: Best Practices for Mini-Marts to Boost Sales

Sari-sari, mini-mart, convenience stores, and supermarkets. While there are subtle differences amongst each retail outlet, they all have one thing in common: to provide busy ...
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blog_inventory_retail Running Your Business

How to control retail costs with Qashier POS

Whether you’re just opening your shop or have been in business for years, one key to success is to control retail costs. Without careful management, ...
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