The Champion for SMEs.

We empower small businesses.

Qashier’s sole reason for existence is to help the merchants that we work with be more successful at what they do. Sell more, be more efficient, grow to new heights. Our mission is to champion the growth of SMEs in Asia.

We’re extremely open and transparent in the way we work. Not satisfied with how certain things are working or feel that something can be done in a better way? Walk up to a manager and speak to them about it.

Work hard, play hard. At Qashier, everyone brings their ‘A’ game to their work. Bringing your ‘A’ game means you bring bold Ambition, great Attitude, an Action-oriented mindset, and have strong Accountability for results. 

Integrity & Ownership. We expect everyone to do the right thing – for Qashier, for the merchants, for the team. Make decisions because it’s the right thing to do, not because it’s the easy way out.

For a professional sports team to win a championship, each player must be at the top of their game and play well consistently in every game. Each player has a play to win’ mindset – and not just ‘it’s good enough to participate in the competition’.

Perks at Qashier.

Medical Benefits ⚕️

Outpatient, Specialist, Dental, TCM, Insurance is all covered for you as we take care of your health and well-being.

Flexi-welfare Benefits 💆‍♀️

Enjoy Hotel Staycation, Optical Aesthetic Care, Dental Aesthetics Care, Gym membership, Licensed spa and wellness benefits or increase your productivity with the latest tech gadgets for you to be at your best.

Training Leave 🎓

Enjoy Paid Leave for your training and lifelong learning endeavours.

It's your birthday! 🎉

We work hard and enjoy ourselves while doing so. Treat yourself to a Paid Birthday Leave on us.

Tech-savvy Culture 👩‍💻

From the latest M2 Macbook to instant messaging on Slack. At Qashier, we embrace tech for speed, innovation and productivity. 

Gender Equality 🤝

Gender-inclusive workplace with close to a 50:50 split in leadership positions.

Qashier champions the growth and success of SMEs:
Our products & solutions support the growth of local merchants, and we’re strong advocates for their success. Merchant success is our success.

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