Dragon-Inspired CNY Marketing Strategies Customers Will Love

Lao Pans, get ready to welcome the spirit of the vigorous Dragon as Chinese New Year draws closer! Let’s get your sleeves rolled up and fire up your CNY marketing strategies. 

Adding The Wood Dragon Element To Your Chinese New Year Marketing Strategies 

The Wood Dragon 2024 stands out as a distinctive year, bringing together the power of dragons with the creativity of wood. It marks a roaring period that involves innovation, vision, and constant growth. Are you prepared to seize sales growth? Here are the top 5 productive CNY marketing strategies that set you apart from the sea of competitors:

  1. Creating User-Generated Content
  2. Introduce Limited Edition Dragon-themed Merchandise
  3. Customise Ang Pao and Promotions
  4. Give Back to the Community
  5. Optimise Use of Multi-URL QR Code
1. Creating User-Generated Content

Approach your customers to record and share theme-based content, toss in a catchy hashtag, and encourage them to share it on their social media.  User-generated content (UGC) fosters digital-age word-of-mouth and has the potential to spread your brand like wildfire. It’s one of the best ways to boost your exposure to a broader audience beyond your existing followers. You can also consider selecting the most charming or outgoing person in your team to be the face of your social media account. Get them to record, document, edit, and post on digital platforms. If feasible, repurpose these short videos in Mandarin, Malay, or even Tamil! The results would be a win-win for audiences and your business, without anyone left out in the celebration! 💡 Inspos

  • For F&B:
    • Roll out dragon-themed dishes or beverages and get your team to promote this on social media
    • Encourage customers to post their favourite meals/snacks/delicacies while celebrating CNY
  • For salons:
    • Tag a photo or short video of your special pet grooming services 
    • Record before and after nail grooming sessions. Highlight the fancy dragon-inspired styles/designs on nails with the model’s outfit of the day!
2. Introduce Limited Edition Dragon-themed Merchandise

Another one of the many CNY marketing strategies you can take on is introducing limited edition items that are a vibrant mix of rich Red and Gold, or Emerald Green, for a more elegant colour. Feature a Dragon for a touch of festive spirit.  💡 Inspos

  • Personalised services to engrave surnames/names on the merchandise.
  • Personalised colours for females and males, recommending different shades of red, yellow, and green.
  • Display the ‘Only For Free, Not For Sale’ tagline on selected freebies for VVIP or VIP customers only to create exclusivity. 
3. Custom Red Packet Ang Pao and E-Ang Pao
Custom Red Packet Ang Pao and E-Ang Pao
SGAG’s “sibeh looong” ang pao

Everyone who receives ang paos (red packets) grins happily on Chinese New Year.  Your business can custom design physical red packets with a brand logo imprinted on them. For example, SGAG’s “sibeh looong” ang pao is turning heads with its exceptionally elongated inspired design. These Chinese New Year marketing strategies are exclusively enhancing brand awareness. Take this idea up a notch by generating a custom red and yellow colour QR code on vouchers and coupons. Insert those into the red packets and hand them out to customers. Promoting attractive deals to your customers can be further streamlined with Qashier! Qashier’s customer loyalty program feature available on its POS terminals allows you to enrol customers’ profiles with just their phone numbers during checkouts. This aside, you can also set discounts and promotions on your Qashier terminal, easing your experience when helping customers to checkout.

4. Give Back to the Community

Give Back to the Community Local organisations like senior care centres or community hubs that set up festival activities would appreciate any assistance that infuses creativity into their activities every year. This is an opportunity to contribute your products or services to these organisations as part of your CNY marketing strategies. In the spirit of the Wood Dragon, your team can mingle with the residents and share the significance of the festive spirits. In addition, capture the moment by shooting these wholesome sessions and share the short clips with your followers and community. If your current team members are not celebrating Chinese New Year but your customers do, consider sharing posts that respectfully acknowledge the festival season. 💡Inspos:

  • Capture the joyous moments as team members spend time with the seniors.
  • Engage in Q&A sessions with the seniors or community members to explore their most amusing moments. Capture both their responses and the emotions conveyed as they share their answers.
  • Organize some CNY games and actively participate in them.
  • Collect stories, memes, or puns from the team members and share them online.
  • Above all, exhibit kindness and enjoy every precious moment with one another.
5. Optimise the Use of Multi-URL QR Code

Does your business serve international customers as well? A great way to cater to these customers during Chinese New Year is a Multi-URL QR code incorporating the links you need into one QR code. These links can be landing pages for your promotions, feedback forms,  reviews, or blogs.  What makes this feature interesting is its ability to direct users to their preferred language of these landing pages. For example, if a customer’s smartphone is set to display Mandarin, they will be automatically directed to a landing page translated into Mandarin. This pioneering digital tool simplifies the interactions businesses look for in engaging with varying customer demographics.

Qashier Wishes You Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Qashier extends our warm wishes to all SME merchants celebrating Chinese New Year, and may your business flourish and prosper with meteoric growth consistency.  To our Qashier merchants, your support is gold to us, and we look forward to continue supporting your business journey this 2024.

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