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blog_1201_Christmas-Shopping-Rush-V3 Running Your Business

Tips to Prepare Your Business for the Christmas Shopping Rush

Christmas is a time of jubilation and generosity, marking not just a holiday but a season of gift-giving and merry-making! A sentiment shared throughout Southeast ...
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banner-product-images-on-Qashier-POS-blog Running Your Business

How to Leverage Holidays to Promote Your Business

Are you struggling to create captivating promotions for your business? Fear not! International days and holidays provide the perfect inspiration. Let’s explore how to utilise ...
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POS-system-Aus Qashier

Choosing the right POS system for your restaurant in Australia

So, you are starting a restaurant in Australia? Congratulations! Embarking on a new culinary venture is always exciting. Among the many ingredients that you need ...
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Blog-1104-Fraud-Awareness-1024x683 Running Your Business

Fraud Awareness Week with Qashier

International Fraud Awareness Week, from November 12-18, 2023, shines the spotlight on security measures and tools that safeguard businesses and consumers from fraud. Qashier invests ...
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Embrace-contactless-banner-1024x683 Qashier

Contactless Payments: Why Merchants Should Embrace Contactless Payments?

In a previous article, we covered reasons why contactless payments are even more popular after a pandemic. Speed, security, and savings are the key advantages ...
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banner-contactless-payment-popular-1024x683 Qashier

Contactless Payments: Why Are They Popular Even After Pandemic?

In the wake of the global pandemic, it has shaken things up in the way online and offline merchants interact with customers. Some changes have ...
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BLOG_1008-debunk-1024x683 Running Your Business

Debunking Myths About Qashier

Over the past years, the pandemic has hastened the transition of businesses into digital platforms and cashless transactions, thus increasing the popularity of cloud-based software ...
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Top-5-Trending-Tech-Retail-banner Running Your Business

5 Trending Tech Every Retail Merchant Must Know!

Technology innovations for retail businesses are on the rise. As business owners, it’s advantageous to not just keep up but to adopt these new tech ...
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blog_1007_sweet_spot Running Your Business

The Sweet Spot in Customer Service: Understanding In-Store Preferences

The landscape of customer service has undergone significant changes in recent years. With the rise of online shopping, brick-and-mortar stores are constantly vying for the ...
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