Huat throughout the CNY holiday for F&B and retail

For those celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY), there’s a definite sense of excitement as you anticipate a proper reunion with relatives in person. Pandemic restrictions are pretty much behind us, which means merchants can breathe a sigh of relief and operate business as usual.

As most Southeast Asian countries may observe a long CNY break, a dip in footfall is expected, and thus a large number of companies may shut their physical stores. And as virus fears still linger, many diners/shoppers might order the essentials online.

If your business is in this unique situation, here are some ways you can increase sales throughout the break.

  1. Food delivery with QashierEats

Now that most countries no longer restrict group sizes, reunions need not be limited to only immediate family. That means the chefs in the family can happily cook up a storm for a reunion dinner. But what happens when specific cravings strike a party? Instead of customers travelling to the store, you can make it easier for customers to order online through QashierEats.

With Qashier Eats, you’ll get a customised website and URL for your business. And you don’t even have to worry about delivery – our delivery partners will deliver your products! With 0% commission and a quick setup process, anyone can order food delivery from your store online anytime.

If you’re a minimart, you can make shopping with you more convenient with our integrated delivery solution. If you’re a business with a GrabFood or FoodPanda account, Qashier solutions and smart POS terminals are officially integrated with them. See below for how it works. 

  1. Seamless sync with GrabFood and FoodPanda

One activity that most people look forward to during Chinese New Year, besides feasting and visiting, is friendly gambling! From mahjong to poker to blackjack, handling money is a sign of good luck. So those who celebrate the festival are likely to be gambling in the wee hours of the night.

If you’re looking to cater to these nocturnal festive activities – well, GrabFood or FoodPanda is where most consumers will look to. You can bet that’s where your customers will find you when they look up 24-hour delivery.

If you’re an existing partner on these popular platforms, that’s even better! As a Qashier merchant you only need one solution – Qashier smart POS terminals are officially integrated with Grab and Foodpanda, meaning you only need one terminal to rule them all!

GrabFood deliveries and FoodPanda orders are synced to your Qashier account where you can receive, track, and manage transactions all from one Qashier Smart POS terminal – which also means you only need one terminal. Besides, you don’t even have to sync each menu separately. Just sync your accounts once, and with one Qashier smart POS solution, you can manage the menus of all synced accounts!

So whether it’s supper or breakfast delivery, your customers will always be able to order from you quickly.

  1. QR ordering for customers 

Last but not least, it’s also essential to make customers who prefer to dine in at restaurants feel comfortable. Use the QR ordering feature from Qashier! Our smart POS terminals can generate a dynamic QR code allowing customers to scan and view the menu. Then, when they place an order, their orders are sent directly to your Qashier POS and your kitchen (with a receipt printer). This process reduces staff workload, so they can focus on providing the best service possible. It also reduces wait time for customers as they can order in advance or re-order directly.

The QR codes also allow customers to order take-out and collect when their number is called, which means you can spare less staff to manage takeaways. Our QR code ordering system is for all F&B businesses, whether you’re a food kiosk, cafe, bar or full-service restaurant. Additionally, the system accepts all major credit cards, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay. With less contact from a physical menu and shorter waiting times, your customers will appreciate the inherent safety measures in place to protect their health.

And if you haven’t tried Qashier smart POS yet…

What’s holding you back? With these three easy steps, you can HUAT (Chinese for prosper) during the Chinese New Year period! If you still need to check out Qashier smart POS solutions for food delivery, you should!

With food delivery service, you are giving today’s customers a convenient, quick and personalised way of experiencing tasty food without sacrificing their time.

Qashier offers multiple digital solutions, including QR code table ordering, table management (F&B), employee management, customer relationship management (loyalty programs), inventory management, data analytics, and cashless payments, in an all-in-one device.

Qashier promises a seamless setup within 10 minutes without needing technical expertise. It boasts a user-friendly interface that is simple for anyone to learn and use. You’ll find 7 days-a-week responsive technical support from the local team if you require assistance.

Try the Qashier app for free on your own Android device! Alternatively, you can speak to us to see how Qashier can meet your business needs. Schedule a meeting with us here, call us at (+65) 3165 0155, WhatsApp (+65) 8887 7687, or email [email protected]



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