BaanKanom | Thai dessert cafe by chef Lukkate, MasterChef Thailand SS3


BaanKanom, Thai dessert cafe of Lukkate Rapassa, the lovely chef from MasterChef Thailand SS3. The idea for the quaint dessert cafe was born from her passion for baking, and as a popular request by her fans. BaanKanom offers delicious desserts at a very affordable price starting from only 40 Baht, with a late closing time to fit the lifestyle of the younger generation. Some of her more popular items are Thapthim Krop (water chestnut in syrup), Coconut Pudding, and Frozen egg ice cream!

Hi, my name is Lukkate Rapassa Sirilertsopon. People might be familiar with me from one of the cooking shows. I was one of the contestants from MasterChef Thailand Season 3.

I’m now running my own Thai dessert cafe on Sukhumvit 71 road called “BaanKanom”. After my appearance on MasterChef, many people reached out to ask why I haven’t opened my own store. They wanted to see if my desserts are as tasty as they seemed on the show. as they all watched the show.

We currently have about 30 desserts on the menu. The bestsellers are Thapthim Krop (water chestnut in syrup), Coconut pudding, and Frozen egg ice cream.

Our desserts are very affordable, going for 40 Baht to 200 Baht. We are also open till late at night, matching with the lifestyle of the younger generation who may have just ended school or work. They can come by after dinner with friends, and get to enjoy affordable and delicious desserts.

For me, baking and making desserts are easy to do, but running a business, and managing payments at the same time can be a hassle. Without a good POS and payments solution in place, business may be prone to errors which may lead to many problems later.

When the customers walk in, we take them to their table, let them see the menu, then take their orders right at the table with the portable QashierX1. No writing required, and it really helps with avoiding mistakes. We just confirm and submit the orders, then print out the order chit. Orders can also be sent to the kitchen wirelessly.

A factor we considered when choosing the right POS provider, is if the customer support, and after sales were efficient. They must be very proactive, and respond promptly, to help us solve the issue right at that moment, because we cannot wait days to fix them.

In my opinion, I consider Qashier as my best friend. Their solutions streamline and safeguard our business operations, while their support helps keep my operations running smoothly.



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