Day: April 15, 2022

QashierPay. The Cashless Future. Now.

Meet QashierPay, our most versatile all-in-one payment terminal. Accept myriad payment methods, including credit cards and e-wallets. It even seamlessly prints receipts on the same device! Bid goodbye to multiple devices for different payment modes. QashierPay readies your business for the cashless future, now. Find out more:

Nail & Me Nail Bar (Thailand) | A manicure lover’s paradise

Earn needed a POS system that was easy to setup, handle payments, schedules and could keep a customer database that helped her create packages for them. With Qashier, she found exactly what she needed, and more. “On the day the QashierX1 arrived at my doorstep, I just unboxed it, powered it on, and all the important information …

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