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DSCF0123 Product

Cashless event GastroBeats powered by QashierPay

At Gastrobeats 2022 Singapore, cashless payments powered by QashierPay terminals pave the way forward for seamless transactions. Customers simply need to tap with their mobile …

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KimChoo_Blog Featured Merchant

Kim Choo Kueh Chang | Three generations of passion

The Dragon Boat Festival (端午节) is here, bringing families and friends gather together to feast on bak zhang (rice dumplings). When asked to name a …

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0601_GB_entrance Featured Merchant

Tasty treats and tunes at GastroBeats 2022!

If eating tasty treats, while listening to body-moving tunes is your idea of a good time, then the aptly named GastroBeats is the event you …

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Grabfood-Intergration-FA Product

GrabFood x Qashier official integration saves time and money

Food delivery platforms such as GrabFood allow orders to be placed conveniently by customers from the comfort of their homes. By being on online ordering …

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0510_blog Running Your Business

Pitch-perfect: 3 things start-ups should include in an investor pitch

A moment of inspiration hits you while you’re at a dinner date with friends. You’ve got an excellent idea for a business that may be …

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photo-1605497788044-5a32c7078486 Running Your Business

Need a 5-star Google Review? Salon customers want these 5 things

One of the easiest ways to optimise search results for your salon business, or any business for that matter, is to register a business listing …

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0507_EmmaOu Product

A cut above the rest: How salons get customers with competitive pricing

A happy customer stays loyal. So it’s important salons maintain their competitive edge by keeping customers satisfied with their services, and by creating a comfortable …

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blog_axe_factor Featured Merchant

Axe Factor | Living life on the edge

“Can meh? Not dangerous meh?” My name is Samuel. I’m the founder and CEO of Axe Factor. We started using the POS system about one and a half …

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0506_blog_digitalmarketing Running Your Business

3 simple SEO practices to get your startup noticed

As a young startup, the business needs to be put in the line of sight of your target customers. While location is everything for a …

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