Why the nightlife industry need smart POS solutions

If you, or if you know someone who operates a business in the nightlife industry, then you’re aware some nights are wilder than others. Patrons come in to drink and make merry, so you need the wheels running smoothly.

A practical point of sale (POS) solution can help to manage your business operations, so you can focus on keeping customers happy, and in line, if they get out of hand!

But first, why do nightlife businesses need a smart POS?

Nightlife businesses need a POS system with customisable features such as the QashierX1 or QashierXL to provide the flexibility they need to run their business.

Flexibility is critical because every night is different, and each bar, restaurant and nightclub might have a different theme. For example, look at how Qashier client, Lalang bar, puts a spin on the heritage of traditional Chinese medicine.


Besides, promotions may change depending on the days or seasons. With the long hours, employees also work rotating shifts, and you can have staff coming in and out at odd hours.

So whether it’s flexibility in processing payments, or table and employee management—a POS system will make these things possible. Let’s look at:

3 reasons why the nightlife industry needs a POS solution

  1. Orders and billing

A smart POS solution is ideal for nightlife businesses that want to provide a more flexible ordering system. Flexibility in how you take orders, and how orders are billed. Furthermore, regarding your menu, there is no limit on the variety of items you can offer.

With Qashier’s cloud-based system, you can add and edit menu items on the go, from any web-based browser – you can quickly get to work even on your phone or your laptop. That comes in handy when preparing for special occasions (long weekends are one example) when you know you have to offer more drink promotions to meet the incoming crowds.

A smart POS solution also allows you to utilise a table management system. For instance, you can create a custom floor plan with colour codes in Qashier smart POS, so it’s easier for you and your staff to know where to assign customers.

You can also let customers order and even pay from their table! This saves your staff the hassle of keeping tabs on customers. It also reduces waiting time, handy if you have alcohol-fueled patrons clamouring for more shots!

Now with Qashier’s split bill feature, payment becomes even easier. No more squabbling over who pays for the last bottle of wine.

Overall, a smart POS solution is necessary for restaurants and bars with multiple seating areas or those who want to ensure their customers can order from anywhere in the venue. It can also add variety to your menu so customers have multiple options.

  1. Employee management 

Another issue is time fraud since nightlife employees consist of full-timers, part-timers and temps. Staff rotate in and out, and it’s challenging to constantly check employees for accurate clock-ins. You’ll want to increase trust between your employees without hovering over them all the time. Your night managers also need a better way to schedule rosters. This is where the Qashier smart POS solution makes a difference. Employees can clock in and out on the terminal once they report to work, minimising any time tracking inaccuracies.

For the best employees, keep track of their sales to award them commissions at the end of the day.

A tip jar with cash is a good idea but not so great when it’s too dark to see, and anyone with buttery fingers may slip away with it. So show appreciation to your employees by offering them a safe and secure environment in which to work.

A nightlife business should always look for ways to reduce theft within its venue. During peak hours, there may be more opportunities for theft due to larger, more uninhibited crowds. If you are still collecting cash, that’s going to be challenging. Using a smart POS terminal which allows for cashless payments solves that issue. It also means you reduce the number of frantic customers who leave their cards behind since they can tap and pay using their e-wallets accessed from their mobile phones.

  1. Track and manage inventory

Nightclubs often have extensive beverage inventories to suit their drink menus.

A smart POS system can let you know when you’re running out of certain products. You won’t have to depend on an employee to tell you how much beer or tequila you have left in stock.

Inventory control is a significant part of the nightlife business. Having a proper inventory management system ensures you always have enough stock. You also must be able to tell when it is time to replenish stocks, which will help increase your profit margins while minimising waste.

Make business life easier and more productive with the Qashier smart POS terminals

If you’re in the nightlife industry, it’s time to get busy with a smart POS solution. But don’t just take our word; hear from our clients.

This new kid on the block takes a leaf from the heritage of Traditional Chinese Medicine dispensaries. It has a bar with stacked shelves like medicine cabinets, lit with a cheeky neon red sign proclaiming “alcohol cures all sickness”.

We don’t know if it does, but you can try their TCM-inspired cocktails and admire their sleek white Qashier XL terminals while you’re there.

At Qashier, we provide multiple digital solutions for your business in an all-in-one device for your startup.

The smart POS system can streamline operational aspects, from QR code table ordering to table management (F&B), employee management, customer relationship management (loyalty programs), inventory management, data analytics, and cashless payments.

Speak to us to see if Qashier’s Smart POS can meet your business needs. Find out how Qashier’s Smart POS can meet your business needs. Schedule a meeting with us here, call us at (+65) 3165 0155, WhatsApp (+65) 8882 8912, or email [email protected].



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