Lalang Bar | Painting the town red

Step into Lalang Bar and expect a good time! The modern gastropub shouts oriental chic with a sleek bar styled after a Chinese dispensary and a striking red neon sign in Chinese which literally translates to “alcohol cures all sickness”. And you would want to believe so as they serve some uniquely-flavoured Chinese-inspired cocktails that not only taste good but look great too! 
Co-founded by Peter and his daughter, Lalang was launched amid the pandemic when rental was lower.
“My daughter and I have always wanted to open a bar together. If we hadn’t done it while start-up cost was more affordable, we’d never have the chance to start this venture. It’s great to see our dream come true,” – Peter. Co-founder of Lalang Bar.
While Peter and his daughter may be first-time business owners, they know getting a robust POS system is something that will set them on the right footing. Discover how Qashier’s POS solution is “all perfect” for Lalang’s operations!
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It’s Lalang! Hi, I’m Peter. Co-founder of Lalang Bar.

We started using Qashier as soon as we started business because we did a lot of research. And also the point of sales and the reporting is all perfect.

We opened this bar during the COVID-19 pandemic last year. That time the rental was cheap. I found that it was an opportunity for us to open up before the pandemic is over.

Opening a bar is a dream of mine as well as my daughter’s because she’s also involved in the business. 

There’s a specific meaning behind the word lalang. Lalang is a grass that grows in the most difficult conditions and it will survive. So just like Lalang – I wanted our business to be successful.

And when we started this bar, we wanted to be different from others because I’m Chinese myself, so I have this Chinese fusion kind of concept. I have this Chinese decoration and Chinese food, where any race, Chinese, English, they just come in, and have a different kind of atmosphere.

Something different, something that people will remember. We have created our own special cocktail. We have the Lilac Dream which is a mixture of different kinds of liquor. We have the ice that’s shaped like a pagoda, and it’s kind of sweet and mellow and very nice for young people. They will love it. We have the Around The World that we serve in a special cup. It’s beautiful. Also, a lot of customers specially ordered this for themselves.

As for food, we have the Pan-seared Pork Belly and Mala Skewers. And all these are specially tailored to match the alcohol drinks. 

My favorite feature of the Qashier system is the daily sales report because it is cloud-based. I can access it real time and it’s very convenient to use and easy to access and saves us a lot of time.

Another feature that I like is the QR payment system and the various contactless payments which young people are familiar with. I feel that during this pandemic, contactless payment is more hygienic. Better than dealing with physical cash. 

The most enjoyable part about opening this bar is meeting people, listening to their views about life, society and their work and all that. It’s very interesting. I make a lot of friends over here. At the same time, I can also make a living out of it. So, why not?

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