Singapore, Qashier is stronger together with you

As a homegrown, made-in-Singapore FinTech startup, Qashier understands the sacrifice and tireless effort it takes to have a seed of an idea, and then to see it through to fruition.

Wherever the startup spirit is embraced, Qashier is there to champion it. And we are proud to have walked side by side with our merchants these past two years.

During this period where Singapore marks its 57th birthday, we would like to express our admiration and gratitude to Singapore SMEs for not only persevering through tough times, but also entrusting their businesses with us.

As much as we want to celebrate our shared achievements, Qashier must first recognise how challenging the pandemic was on their businesses.

As a smart POS solution, Qashier’s tools for integrated payment and operations management became a boon for our clients. Especially during a time of physical restrictions, digitalisation and cashless payments were a must, and Qashier provided it.

Take Mother-In-law Egg Tarts for example, which was born from a home business during the pandemic, and grew into a pastry powerhouse right in the heard of the CBD.

“Everything was very manual when we were a home-based business. We tracked sales via an Excel sheet. Now that we have a shop, we rely on Qashier POS system to simplify our work.” said Tony Ang, who co-founded the businesses with mother-in-law Joyce Hsu.

Picturesque Lalang Bar, which also opened during the pandemic took advantage of the lowered rental cost to pursue a F&B dream. Co-founder Peter found Qashier’s cloud-based solutions and sales reports were “perfect” to support their operations, “Opening a bar is a dream of mine as well as my daughter’s because she’s also involved in the business. Lalang is a grass that grows in the most difficult conditions and it will survive.”

Along with educational resources via our Resource Centre, and 24/7 local support, Qashier strived to help digitalise businesses for the new economy – to not only survive, but to thrive.

From QashierX1, and QashierXL, we continued to upgrade and improve our hardware and software in support of Singaporean businesses.

In addition, we kept adding valued services such as an online ordering portal in QashierEats, while improving contactless payment solutions with QashierPay, all so that customers could continue to patronise our merchants safely or from the comfort of their homes.

Back in 2019, Qashier’s aim was to empower small and medium enterprises by providing a simple, cost-effective POS system. It has since been a rewarding journey for Qashier and our clients, and as we look back, we are grateful for all the reasons you have worked with us. Your drive and perseverance are a constant source of inspiration.

Some Qashier merchants have grown along with Singapore. Heritage brand Kim Choo Kueh Chang in Joo Chiat first began in 1945 with a shop-house along Joo Chiat Place. Now helmed by third-generation owners, the nostalgic taste remains as good as ever. They’ve relied on Qashier to digitise their operations delivering consistency with minimal business changes.

“We’ve used various POS systems, but various POS systems require us to use different hardware and software. But with Qashier, it was seamless because it’s just one device, and everything goes to the cloud,” Edmond Wong, Director, Kim Choo Kueh Chang.

Others are as fresh to the scene as we are, and have taken equally bold approaches. Shout out to Zainal, owner of Geylang Drip City, with food and coffee representing hip-hop culture. We were happy to hear he thought our solutions were worthy enough to attain hypebeast level – “It was so easy for me to do it (setup) on my own, and the support is phenomenal, I think, in terms of being responsive.”

Finally, Flourish cafe, among other things chose Qashier based on our (terminal’s) looks. From the words of owner Diane Ong, “We were sourcing for different POS systems, but when I saw (a friend’s) Qashier POS system I was quite blown away by how sleek it was, compared to a lot of the other solutions that we saw.”

In 2022, we upped our game to support GastroBeats, Singapore’s first-ever large-scale food fair since the pandemic restrictions were eased. Qashier partnered up with the event’s organiser to power the entire event, at the Bayfront Avenue event space, with cashless payments – seeing over 25,000 transactions processed.

Looking ahead, Qashier is proud to build upon our solutions, adding official integrated support for food delivery partners, further streamlining the processes for F&B merchants. As well as giving businesses the flexibility of using our software-only tools on their own devices.

These years have tested our resilience, strength, and we’d like to express to Singapore that Qashier couldn’t have pulled through without each and every one of our merchants.

This year’s National Day Theme is “Stronger Together, Majulah!” The NDP slogan reminds Singaporeans that we are stronger when united. It’s a timely reminder in an increasingly complex world. The interconnected relationships amongst our communities, families and friends get us through obstacles, and drive us forward.

To all our clients, vendors and stakeholders in Singapore: thank you for trusting us with your business goals. We’re here to support you, and champion your goals. Stronger together, Majulah!



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