Flourish Bakehouse – Picture perfect facade, delish eats

Wake up and smell the great bakes at Flourish Bakehouse, a hidden gem tucked away in the serene neighbourhood of Phoenix Park! Its charming colonial facade and scenic green lawn are reminiscent of rustic coffeehouses in Australia, making it a perfect spot for the ‘gram. And the best part? The food’s just as pretty and delish!


“I’ve always had a strong passion in baking, but it was during my time in Australia where I really experimented and perfected the recipes. I also like the chill and laid-back vibes of Aussie cafes, which is something I hope my bakehouse can embrace too,”

– Diane, owner & chief baker, Flourish.

While Flourish is the ex-auditor’s first business venture, Diane knew from the get-go the importance of investing in the right POS system. Discover how Flourish’s operations got off to a good start with Qashier POS solutions.


Hi, my name is Diane. I’m the owner of Flourish Bakehouse, we’ve been open since October 2021.

When we opened in October, that’s when we really onboarded Qashier and we started using it since then. It was actually from a friend who currently uses Qashier.

We were sourcing for different POS systems but when I saw his Qashier POS system I was quite blown away by how sleek it was, compared to a lot of the other solutions that we saw. 

I would say opening a bakery has always been a retirement goal of mine. When Covid started, I was taking a sabbatical leave from my previous job, which was an auditor. And during that time, I started baking, I started selling online. And then I started supplying to my friend’s cafe.

So the operation just slowly like progressively scaled up. And I guess when I found this space, that’s when I started considering this a lot more seriously. And that’s when Flourish started.

I think very fundamentally I wanted Flourish to be an extension of home. So I wanted people to feel comfortable when they’re here. To provide a different environment where they can hang out with their families or with, I guess, their furry friends.

The other thing is, aspiring to offer a different selection of bakes that would be different from what you can find elsewhere. I’m definitely a home-learned baker so I don’t have any kind of credentials or accreditation.

But I think when you have passion for something, you really go all out in terms of research, experimenting with flavours, with different techniques and different types of dishes.

So the three signatures would be the Cheddar Corn, the Apple Galette, as well as the Banana Bread. 

So the Cheddar Corn, it’s a savoury muffin. So it’s got hints of garlic… corn… It’s got a bit of parsley as well.

The other thing would be our Apple Galette. So that is essentially a very buttery pastry that encases some spiced apples. And we’ve got a salted caramel glaze topped with some thyme.

And then the last one was the banana bread. So that’s actually my mom’s recipe. It’s slightly different to most banana breads I’ve had in Singapore. I think the Asian style banana bread is slightly fluffier, more like a cake-like texture. So this one’s more dense. It’s more, I guess, reminiscent of the Australian type of banana bread.

We started using Qashier actually from the start. It doesn’t take us long to train our staff to use it. And I think just it being a very sleek and portable machine is something that we all love. Yeah, because we do have a window where we take orders from as well. So just having something that is portable and easy to bring around has been great.

The fact that a lot of the payments can be all condensed into the device itself, rather than us having like multiple QR codes everywhere. I think that’s been super helpful. I think from the customer experience point of view also, that’s been great as well. Yeah. So the fact that the QR code just appears when you’re about to pay, it just makes it so much more user-friendly and seamless.

So I’ve never had goals for it to have multiple outlets in Singapore. I’ve always wanted it to be it being just like a one and only place. I mean at the moment the aspirations is for it to continue being a conducive environment for the customers to come through.

So that to me, I know it’s a very simple goal, but that’s really what we what we aim to do.



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