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Introducing Qashier POS for F&B

Running a food business can be hassle free. Yes, you heard that right. With the Qashier Point Of Sale system, you can save time.. work …

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Artichoke_thumbnail Featured Merchant

Artichoke | Running a modern middle-eastern restaurant

Marcus, General Manager of Artichoke (@artichoke_sg) shares with us his favourite dishes and how they are different from typical middle-eastern cuisine. He also talks about …

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pos system for restaurant | Qashier Running Your Business

A Guide to POS System for Restaurants

The foodservice industry is a highly competitive one, and one of the keys to success is customer retention. To have loyal customers come back again …

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Qashier Anniversary | Qashier Qashier

Qashier is 2 Years Old!

In 2019, Qashier was created with a single goal – to give power back to SMEs by providing a simple, cost-effective POS system. This year …

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POS Systems For Retails Singapore| Qashier Running Your Business

Benefits of a POS System for Retail Business

  When it comes to managing your newly launched retail business, there are many things that you need to consider. This includes inventory management, employee …

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Qashier Payment | Qashier Running Your Business

3 ways a Point-of-Sale system can benefit SMEs

All businesses collect payments in some way. Despite advances in technology, the cash register is still a common sight with a grudging concession seen in …

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Counter Line | Qashier Running Your Business

Is your business ready for Phase 3?

In recent months, Covid-19 cases in Singapore have plateaued with no big outbreaks or clusters. As social restrictions are slowly …

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Qashier Terminal Device | Qashier Product

Smart POS systems vs Traditional POS systems

5 Key Differences Between a Smart POS and a Traditional POS System If you run a F&B or retail business, you’ll most likely use a …

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