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How to communicate during a crisis

Recently, chocolate manufacturer Ferrero had to pull their popular Kinder brand chocolate off the shelves in several countries due to food contamination. This crisis highlights

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0505_blog_bake Product

Bake it till you make it: Why bakeries need a smart POS system

Like any other business, it’s crucial for bakeries to continuously engage customers with new and exciting items to keep them coming back for more. A …

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0504_GoDigital Product

When F&B goes digital: How Qashier merchants do it

There’s no golden rule to a successful F&B business, but at the heart is the ability to serve the tastiest food and beverage as possible. …

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blog_tourperformancelab_1 Featured Merchant

Tour Performance Lab | Fit Well. Swing Easy.

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0503_TipsForHiring Running Your Business

3 hiring tips every startup should know

When your startup or small enterprise is at the stage of building a team, hiring the first member, and defining your hiring processes are significant …

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0502_PetGrooming Product

Benefits of smart solutions for your pet-grooming business

Pet grooming businesses rely mainly on client appointments. Juggling between records of handwritten client appointments, staff schedules, and accounting ledgers may be more difficult than …

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0501_SustainableFashion Running Your Business

3 ways to market a sustainable fashion business

“Sustainable fashion” has become the buzzword phrase of 2022, driven partially by Gen-Z on social media, as well as a general greater awareness of environmentally-friendly …

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blog_customer_experience Product

Welcome to Qashier Experience Centre

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blog_kaloritruck Featured Merchant

Kalori Truck | Fried lontong and friendly smiles on-the-go

Transcript: Hi, I’m Ikhwan, the owner of Kalori Truck. Kalori Truck started in 2017, and has been in operation for five years. I had used …

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0407_blog_How_hire_good_employees Running Your Business

How to hire and retain good employees

A wave of resignations has registered worldwide, with enough numbers for news outlets to term this phenomenon ‘The Great Resignation’. It’s no different in Asia, …

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