Qashier mompreneurs chase their dreams

With May being the month for mothers in The Philippines, we thought we’d highlight two Qashier mompreneurs who are running a tight ship at home, and in the workplace.

Gizelle Dingal (left) and Martha Rosete (right), both mothers of two, are women who successfully juggle motherhood with running a business.

A large sacrifice mom-bosses like Gizelle face is having enough time for both the family and the business. As co-owner of Alrafa Cardiovascular Center, she is laser-focused on bringing the six-month-old business to greater heights. The former OFW wakes up every morning to work on a business plan for the Caloocan clinic, which currently sits along a quiet street with low footfall.

Even though Gizelle is aware the journey to success will be a long and difficult one, seeing her children grow up healthy keeps her grounded.

Mompreneur Martha is no different. Although she admits she often cannot give a lot of time to her family as she puts in double-time as the owner of Cofficery– a cafe, diner and office hybrid space located in Parañaque.

The former Miss University of Cordillera, recently left a corporate career to establish the business, and
although it wasn’t the smoothest of transitions, Martha was astute enough to integrate her family with her work-life – her home is just five minutes away from Cofficery, allowing her to wear two hats at all times.

Having been a mother for 11 years, and an entrepreneur for 3 months now, Martha knows how demanding both jobs are. “Do only the things that matter to you, and you will never get tired of doing it,” said Martha.

Gizelle, who is also looking forward to achieving more milestones, has an important piece of advice for women out there who are worried about balancing motherhood and work life, “Having two roles in your life can be overwhelming, but if you have an idea, just do it, because no one will do it better than you.”

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