Guarantee bulk and repeat sales while increasing customer retention with Qashier Credits & Packages.
Incentivize purchases and see a rise in your total sales!

Attract more loyal customers!

Boost volume sales in two easy steps:


(Best for Beauty)

Offer prepaid store credits (e.g. ₱3,000 credit) that can be used for subsequent purchases at a discount.


(Best for Beauty or F&B)

Offer an upfront bundle of products/services (e.g. 10 Haircuts or 10 Lattes) at a discount.

Key Benefits:

Upfront cash flow

Offering prepaid credits and packages generates immediate revenue and cash flow. This is beneficial for managing operational costs and making timely investments.

Opportunities to upsell

With customers already committed to prepaid credits or packages, you have more opportunities to upsell additional products or services during their visits.

Forecast demand

Prepaid credits & packages enable businesses to predict demand accurately, manage schedules, optimize staff efficiency, and reduce downtime.

Improved customer retention

Customers are more likely to return regularly to use their remaining credits or packages, fostering loyalty and consistent engagement with your business.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can reward your customers with points using Qashier Treats, the simplest loyalty program around! To learn more about Treats, visit this page.

Yes. With Qashier Treats, you can reward your loyal customers with points that have real value. Customers can use their earned points to offset the cost of their next purchase at your business.

Credits & Packages offers prepaid store credits and bundles of products or services. Meanwhile, Treats offers a points-based rewards system where customers can earn points and use them to offset the cost of their next purchase.