The Mezz by Sultans of Shave | A hybrid bar and barbershop experience

For Lewis, it was love at first sight with Qashier’s POS solution right after he experienced it at a restaurant that uses our POS system. He paid for the meal in one setting, right at where he was seated without the restaurant staff having to run back and forth with his card and receipt.

“The device is portable and the payment process is seamless. It helps in enhancing the overall customer experience – something aligned with the sleek brand experience that The Mezz aims to deliver.”

Thanks for the rave review! Seeing how our solutions could empower small and medium enterprises like The Mezz makes us want to do better! Hear more from Lewis on how Qashier has aided in their business operations and his concept for The Mezz in elevating the grooming experience for modern gentlemen. 


Hi, I’m Lewis and together with a couple of my business partners, we founded The Mezz. We have been in the male barbering industry for 8 years.

So when it was time for expansion, we thought, how could we do something different?

I was dining nearby and when I got the bill, they came up to me with a portable POS system, I tapped my card on to the machine and settled payment on the spot. We could transition the system from the barbering side to the F&B side seamlessly.

Not just in terms of ordering but in terms of keeping track of the services, and keeping track of our members’ points system. So when the space became available, we decided to incorporate our clients’ feedback, together with what we knew best, barbering, and hence The Mezz was born.

We wanted somewhere intimate and private. So we carved out a space with different rooms.

A private facial room where one can indulge in a facial without being disturbed. A private area with two chairs for barbering. A general bar area where clients can kick back and relax. And here we have the lounge, where members can actually book a space and enjoy themselves over a drink while being pampered and groomed.

So the two most popular services would be our Signature Haircut and Signature Shave. Before the haircut, we would do a personalised consultation. If you have something in mind, you can let the barber know and they will do their best to customise it to suit your face shape.

So apart from the haircut, our experienced barber will give you a nice relaxing massage. We would put a nice tonic on you, at your choice before or after the haircut. For the Signature Shave, we have a curated set of products here whereby our barbers would let you choose the type of scent you want.

If you have sensitive skin, we would recommend a suitable product for you. After the shave, we would incorporate a very nice and relaxing facial massage. Having pampered yourself, you can then come out to the lounge for a drink.

In the near future, definitely to get more members in and eventually we hope to open a few more outlets to let our members experience The Mezz at different parts of the country.



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