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How Qashier POS helps you manage your business anytime, anywhere

Qashier offers a straightforward, easy-to-use approach to business management that is almost foolproof. This allows business owners to maximise their time, energy, and resources rather than becoming entangled in complex administrative tasks. As an all-in-one Point of Sale (POS) system, we enable our merchants to maintain one integrated reliable payment system, reducing the clutter of disparate financial tracking systems. Our sleek and minimalistic terminals add a touch of aesthetic appeal to any counter.

Together, these features ensure Qashier is a tool and a partner in facilitating smooth business operations. Let’s look at two key ways merchants can use Qashier to help manage their business anytime.

Managing multiple stores: Tips and tricks with Qashier

Managing multiple store locations can be challenging, especially for our merchants in the Thailand, who are often faced with unique difficulties. The most common issues are finding an affordable solution to handle multiple store branches, the other is maintaining control over access and data for business success.

This is where Qashier comes into play, providing practical solutions tailored to these needs.

In the past, merchants often grappled with the high costs of expanding their services to multiple branches. The solutions available in the market were expensive, making expansion a daunting prospect. Qashier has revolutionised this aspect by offering a cost-effective method to manage multiple stores without breaking the bank. This approach not only aids in business expansion but also ensures that the execution is financially sustainable.

On the other hand, control and data are critical drivers of business success, and Qashier’s security features keep this in mind. Our system allows for assigning specific access permissions to different individuals, ensuring that only authorised personnel can use specific features. This meticulous attention to control and data security is a testament to our understanding of the needs of businesses and our commitment to helping them thrive.

By addressing the unique challenges faced by Thai merchants in managing multiple stores, we aim to help businesses grow and succeed securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Online or offline, Qashier just works

Navigating offline transactions can be a bit of a mystery for many merchants. Still, with Qashier, we’ve made it as straightforward as possible. Our POS system can operate seamlessly without an internet connection, ensuring your business operations can continue even in the most challenging circumstances.

Offline transactions with Qashier mean that even without internet connectivity, your business can still operate as usual. You can print receipts, key in transactions, and manage your inventory. This ensures that your daily operations are not interrupted and your customers can make their purchases seamlessly.

For instance, one of our merchants in Bangkok operated a pop-up store with unstable internet connectivity at Chutachak Market, an outdoor event. Without an internet connection, they could still use Qashier to execute transactions smoothly, manage inventory, and print receipts. Once the internet connection became stable, they could access and review their CRM reports. In essence, offline transactions with Qashier ensure your business can run smoothly, even when internet access is limited or non-existent. It offers flexibility and reliability to keep your business operations running, no matter the circumstances.

More about Qashier

So if you’re a small business in Southeast Asia looking for an innovative smart POS solution, contact us or visit our website to learn more about our cost-effective plans.

Qashier offers multiple digital solutions, including QR code table ordering, table management (F&B), employee management, customer relationship management (loyalty programs), inventory management, data analytics, and cashless payments, in an all-in-one device.

Qashier promises a seamless setup without any need for technical expertise. It boasts a user-friendly interface that is simple for anyone to learn and use. In addition, you’ll find 7 days-a-week responsive technical support from the local team if you require assistance.

Try the Qashier app for free on your own Android device! Alternatively, you can speak to us to see how Qashier can meet your business needs. Schedule a meeting with us by calling us at 02-544-0267 or Contact us via Line Official:

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