Your all-in-one QR code ordering system

QR code ordering lets your customers easily place their orders online with their own mobile devices, increasing operational efficiency and improving your customer experience.

Perfect For

Dine-in & Table Ordering

Takeaway & Pickup


Streamline Your Operations

Orders made will be seamlessly sent directly to your Qashier POS and your kitchen.

Fully Integrated & Customisable

Your online menu is integrated with Qashier POS and fully customisable, all managed under one unified cloud backend.

Improved Dining Experience

Allow your customers to order, re-order, or even order in advance without waiting for a server.

Perfect For Any F&B Businesses

Qashier QR ordering works for all F&B businesses, from food kiosks to cafes, bars and full service restaurants.

How it works

Take a look at how easy it is to place an order and make payment through QashierEats. 

1. Customers scan a QR code to view the menu and start ordering.

2. Payment can be collected immediately and the orders sent directly to your kitchen.

Bistro POS with kitchen order processing
Qashier Restaurant | Qashier

3. When the order is ready, the customers will be notified or it can be sent to their table. 

Exceptional Value at Unbelievable Prices

Credit Card Processing

2.5% + ฿0.30

per transaction



No markups


฿28/ month*

No setup fee

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Signing up is easy. Just complete the form below, and go from setup to launch in 48 hours. 

  1. QR ordering is available as an add-on to Qashier Smart POS. 
  2. QR ordering integrates with Qashier Smart POS as an advanced app