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“Can meh? Not dangerous meh?”

My name is Samuel. I’m the founder and CEO of Axe Factor. We started using the POS system about one and a half years back.

I found out about Qashier, I think I was going through the PSG Grant. So I reached out to a few and then Qashier came back to me with much enthusiasm. So that’s what I like to see in businesses and so then I decided to go with them instead of all the other competitors out there.

Samuel, Founder and CEO, Axe Factor

I was on Instagram then I saw this actor, Jason Momoa. He actually posted a video of axe throwing with alcohol, so he was drinking beer and throwing axes and I was like, this seems like a fun thing to do.

So I wanted to try it out, and then I realised that there isn’t any axe throwing in Singapore. 

So then I actually flew down to Australia two weeks later just to try out axe throwing and I realised that it’s actually quite a fun activity so I decided to bring it back to Singapore and introduce this sport.

The main challenge would be the licensing. It’s an axe throwing activity in Singapore. Took us about four months of interviews with the Police Force and then, we had to give a presentation before they are willing to give us the license to run this place.

The second challenge that we had to overcome is to show people that it’s a very safe sport. Even when you know we have Shin Min Daily News, The Straits Times and everything reporting on this place. 

The comments section were filled with, “Wait till somebody’s hands drop off,” “Wait till you chop somebody up,” and things like that. “Why are you advocating violence?” you know all these online space is not a very nice place.

We made sure that our coaches actually coach you properly and if you are showing any signs of doing things really dangerously, we’ll kick you out.

The vision that we have is to introduce this as a sport and we want to normalise this sport in Singapore because essentially everybody is starting from even ground so that’s what we are trying to bring into Singapore right now.

It’s to introduce the competitive element of axe throwing itself so then maybe in a few years’ time we would even have a team of Team Singapore which we can send to the U.S. or Canada to compete with the people there.

My staff are the ones who are mainly using it, the POS system. I don’t even have to give them any training. So when new people come in, within a day they’ll figure out how to use.

So I got their feedback.

They say that it’s really intuitive, really easy to use. They are able to put customers on tab. Some customers they will come in and start buying quite a few things and it’s very hard for us to keep track with our old system.

So with this, you can keep track of everything in the system and when you are leaving, we’ll know that this is an open tab so these are what the customers are paying for and everything.

And when another shift of our staff comes into the range and start work then we don’t have any sort of handover, it’s just like they’ll look at the system and they’ll know what’s going on.

It’s really easy.



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