Tour Performance Lab | Fit Well. Swing Easy.

Golfers know that a good fitting can up their game. Before your next round of golf, tee off at Qashier merchant, The Tour Performance Lab (TPL), and you’ll be hitting birdies in no time. TPL chooses QashierX1 as its preferred POS solution because of its sleek and portable form factor – as they can serve their customers while they are on the move throughout the store.

My name is Deiter, I am the Executive Director of Sport Option. 
I run TPL Group, The Tour Performance Lab.

Our business has been running for two months now. For more than eight months, we have been working with and training with our partners, The Golf Lab Canada.

I think QashierX1’s most outstanding features are its accessibility, and how portable it is.

– Deiter, Executive Director, Sport Option.

In our lab, we need to walk around, so we can bring the QashierXL terminal to the customer, and demonstrate through the terminal itself. It’s quite easy and convenient.

The Tour Performance Lab’s core business is fitting. It is similar to visiting a professional tailor and having a suit made, the result of a fitted set of golf clubs, could see increased performance. After a fitting, the customer would tend to purchase golf equipment.

For other services, we also do maintenance, club adjusting, and grip changing. Providing a tax invoice is very convenient with the QashierX1’s built-in-printer. All the functions you need are there.

Qashier’s backend support is professional too. They will always solve the problem for you. There was an incident when I needed technical support at 10pm and Qashier’s local support team solved it at once.



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