Benefits of smart solutions for your pet-grooming business

Pet grooming businesses rely mainly on client appointments. Juggling between records of handwritten client appointments, staff schedules, and accounting ledgers may be more difficult than expected.

To attract more clients and reduce no-shows, utilise a smart point of sale (POS) system to manage pet owners’ appointments, and keep track of your operational processes.

Let’s cut to the chase, so you can get back to trimming the hair off those cute furballs. Here are three main benefits:

  1. Track client information for better service

As a pet grooming business, you will be handling a lot of information on your clients, and their pets.

Once a client contacts your business about their pet, you will need to prepare for that certain breed – in Singapore, the National Parks recommends groomers should keep themselves educated on the various requirements of different breeds of animals.

You also need to make sure you have the grooming equipment and products the pet may need. Specific brands of shampoos and conditioners are manufactured to suit certain animals, so you’ll need to take note of that. Post-grooming, you should also advise your client on the number of grooming sessions the animal requires.

Manually writing all this information down is tedious and may lead to lost data. The wrong details, may lead to the wrong products, and that could mean a bad customer experience, or worst, an allergic reaction for the pet.

You could have a word document for each of your pet, but multiple files and folders isn’t sustainable when you’re growing your business.

A smart pos solution will help your staff quickly add a client’s record into the database when they call to make an appointment. Once the groomer has finished the session, your cashier can also include additional notes for the next grooming session at the point of payment. For future sessions, other groomers can access the information and act accordingly.

For instance, you might note that the pet has an aggressive personality and requires a more experienced groomer. This information will impress your clients as you deliver top quality service. Overall, it will improve communication between groomers if you have a team. 

  1. Manage and motivate staff 

If you have a team of groomers working on a roster system, it can be challenging for a receptionist to keep track of everyone’s comings and goings, even more so if you have part-timers who help in other areas of the business.

Manage your employees’ time with Qashier’s Time Card feature on its smart POS terminals, which allow your employees to simply check in and out quickly themselves. 

Additionally, if your shop carries specific brands of grooming products, your groomers may earn commissions from recommending them. The QashierX1 and QashierXL allows them to key their sales and commissions in when they make a sale, so it’s easier to track commissions at the end of the day.

Having clear communication and transparency about employee tracking and incentives improve employee motivation as they feel valued. It will also create strong trust between you and your staff.

  1. Increase revenue

You’ll also want to know what type of services and products your customers are inclined to purchase. For instance, pet grooming business Snob Ark offers three levels of cleansing for pets: from a basic cleanse to a luxurious premium cleanse. By knowing your most popular services, you can tweak your marketing to highlight these services to new customers.

Customers may not always openly tell you what they want or like. Using generated sales reports to analyse sales across the month will help you decide what services or products to prioritise and increase revenue in the long run. 


A pet grooming business is not unlike a salon business. The tricky thing is that you are not managing humans but animals that may not listen to instructions.

Besides, if you are running a one-person show where you play both pet groomer and business owner, you have to focus on keeping pets comfortable during the service. That means you’ll need a solution that manages other business areas to save your time and energy for the actual grooming session.

By using Qashier’s smart POS system, you’ll be able to keep track of client data, manage employees, and track accounting ledgers. Qashier promises a seamless setup within 10 minutes. It boasts a simple and user-friendly interface. If you require assistance, you’ll find 7-days-a-week responsive technical support from the team.

It’s also affordable, with prices starting from as low as SGD1/day (in Singapore with a PSG grant), and this includes hardware, software, setup, training and 7-days-a-week local support.

Speak to us to see if Qashier’s Smart POS can meet your business needs. Schedule a meeting with us here, call us at (+65) 3165 0155, WhatsApp (+65) 8882 8912, or email [email protected].



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