Kalori Truck | Fried lontong and friendly smiles on-the-go


Hi, I’m Ikhwan, the owner of Kalori Truck. Kalori Truck started in 2017, and has been in operation for five years.

I had used several other POS systems before. That’s until I found Qashier to be the most cost-efficient option for me.

– Ikhwan, Owner, Kalori Truck

Our signature dishes are fried lontong, and smoked meat. Fried lontong is a traditional Johor dish that is hard to find, but our take on it has become popular. The same goes for the smoked meat. It’s a traditional dish that we put a spin on by incorporating it with pasta, spaghetti and more.

I used to own a physical store. However, around 2016 and 2017, I looked at a newer business model, the food truck, which is more mobile and could travel anywhere, and it’s easier to manage employees with a smaller business.

Some difficulties we faced were managing local authorities, licences, venues, and most importantly a point-of-sale system.

What I like the most about a food truck business is that I make more friends, and I can do business anywhere, because this food truck concept is mobile, easy and on-the-go.

I enjoy the events the most, events in many places, where I can take my food truck there and meet more new friends, be amongst new traders, and share business knowledge.

Processes are easier with QashierXL, because of integrated features such as inventory management, sales report, staff check-in and check-out. And it’s suitable for physical stores where there’s a wi-fi system, it’s a more systematic process for receiving orders and getting them out.

For QashierX1, what I like most is the payment feature. There are various payments nowadays, such as QR codes, debit cards and others. X1 offers various types of payments to customers, and for my work, it makes it easy to check stock, and many more.

In preparation for the fasting month and Eid, Qashier has offered a website for online selling, where I can receive orders, and arrange delivery for customers before they break their fast.

I would recommend Qashier to my friends because of its affordable price-point, ease-of-use, and the 7-day-a-week local technical support.



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